Email Reporting System

If you have a concern about the tobacco policy, or if you notice individuals violating the policy and do not feel comfortable approaching them, you can send an email to Report Tobacco Concerns/Issues and someone from the tobacco free task force will address it accordingly.   If neighbors of the university have concerns, they may use this system as well.

Adherence to the policy is the responsibility of all MSU students, faculty, staff, and visitors. In an ongoing effort to enhance awareness and encourage a culture of compliance, members of our campus community are encouraged to respectfully inform others about the policy.  Violations of this policy will be addressed first though educational methods followed by corrective measures described below.

Any individual who feels that there has been a violation of this policy may invoke the following actions:

  • The individual, if comfortable, should initially attempt to resolve the problem informally by requesting that the individual comply with the policy.
  • Repeat offenses by the same person will be dealt with through established administrative/disciplinary policies and procedures as outlined in the Tobacco Free Policy which can be viewed here, and Tobacco Restrictions on University Owned or Controlled Properties.  Employees violating the policy may be subject to disciplinary action through their supervisor, students are subject to sanction under the Student Conduct Code and visitors and contractors who refuse to comply will result in removal from campus.