The Montana State University VOICE Center is committed to the belief that all people have the right to live free from violence and the fear of violence. We recognize that sexual and domestic violence are not isolated incidents, but rather are the expression of a pervasive attitude in which violence and control are acted out in a gendered and sexual manner. We believe that sexual violence can best be addressed through social action, education, and advocacy.

The VOICE Center is formed to: 

  • Provide a safe, highly confidential place on campus for survivors of sexual and domestic violence, offering support, advocacy, and resources.
  • Break the silence and raise consciousness surrounding sexual and domestic violence. Silence adds to a survivor's shame and delays recovering and healing.
  • Help restore personal power and dignity to survivors of sexual and domestic violence by providing choices and decision-making opportunities.
  • Identify and reduce the existence of sexual and domestic violence at Montana State University, and provide education and information to all members of the Montana State University community on issues of sexual assault and relationship violence.
  •  Ensure effective communication between the VOICE Center and other people who are concerned about sexual and domestic violence.
  •  Giving Power Back – VOICE Center’s Empowerment-Based Approach


Call 406.994.7069 for 24 Hour Confidential Support



The VOICE Center, 24-Hour Confidential Support Line 994-7069
Provides free and confidential services and information for all people affected by sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking, including friends and family of survivors. Advocates are available 24-hours a day to provide information and discuss different options and resources that may be available to you.  Advocates can assist with reporting, referrals, academic concerns, protective orders, and medical advocacy.  You may choose to be anonymous in all of your contacts with the VOICE Center.

Advocates are available 24-hours a day through our 24-Hour Confidential Support Line (406) 994-7069  (if you call the Support Line after-hours, you will have the option to press “1” to be immediately connected with an advocate, or to leave us a confidential voicemail).

VOICE Center Walk-In hours are from 10-4 during the regular academic semester.   Other appointments can be made as needed.

The VOICE Center is located in 370 Strand Union Building (SUB) on the third floor above Leigh Lounge and Avogadros Number.

The VOICE Center provides services for friends, partners, and family members of survivors.  We welcome all people regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, ability, and/or past experience.