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Pathogen Safety Data Sheets


MSU Biosafety Training

Video: Completing
the IBCOP Protocol

Video: NIH Guidelines
for Research Involving
Recombinant or
Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules 

Video: Institutional Biosafety
Committee Workflow

CITI Training Overview


Equipment Removal Policy

Guide to Import, Export,
and Transfer Permits

Hazardous Waste Management 

Incident Report Form

Lab-Self Inspection Form

Lab Specific Biosafety Manual

Occupational Health

Property is Free from Hazards Form

Online Protocol Forms


Biosafety Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Biosafety Program at MSU is to ensure a safe environment for individuals working with biohazardous materials and to ensure the protection of the community and environment by preventing exposure to biohazardous materials. To accomplish this, the Biosafety Program provides technical advice to Principal Investigators on laboratory containment, security, and safety procedures.

Institutional Biosafety Committee Mission Statement

The mission of the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) at MSU is to ensure that activities with biohazardous material are conducted safely and responsibly. To fulfill this commitment, the IBC reviews and monitors all research and teaching activities by faculty, staff, and students that utilizes infectious agents, human body fluids or tissues, and recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules.