Biosafety Program

The Biosafety Program is designed to provide guidance on the safe handling and containment of all activities involving biohazardous materials, to minimize the risks of laboratory acquired infections, and to maintain compliance with all regulations pertaining to recombinant DNA and biohazardous materials. The mission of the Biosafety Program at MSU is to ensure a safe environment for individuals working with biohazardous materials and to ensure the protection of the community and environment by preventing exposure to biohazardous materials. To accomplish this, the Biosafety Program provides technical advice to Principal Investigators on laboratory containment, security, and safety procedures. Other aspects of the Biosafety Program include developing emergency response plans for handling spills and personnel containment, overseeing periodic laboratory inspections to ensure laboratory standards are maintained, and providing Biosafety training, recombinant DNA regulations training, and Bloodborne Pathogen training.