100.00 Definitions


Antenna: Any device or system which transmits and/or receives voice, data and video information or communications through the atmosphere or other means, from either earthbound or orbital sources; i.e. microwave, GPS, web camera.


Apparatus: Device, mast, mounts, tripod and other structures used for location of antenna equipment on or at a campus facility.


Campus Facility: Any buildings, fixtures, streets, sidewalks, landscaping elements or grounds, which are owned and/or operated by MSU/MAES.


Enclosure: A building, room within a building, hut, vault, utility tunnel, or other free-standing, buried, or wall-or floor-mounted enclosure used to house equipment associated with an antenna communications device and/or apparatus installation.


ITC: The Information Technology Center.


MontanaPBS-KUSM: The Montana Public Television station that broadcasts from MSU Bozeman. MontanaPBS-KUSM has the capability, both in equipment and personnel, to receive broadcast signals on virtually all bands and frequencies that are necessary to serve general campus instructional needs.


License: The agreement called Telecommunications Antenna and Apparatus Site License that is executed with non-university commercial entities.


Licensee: The entity that is granted the right to install a telecommunications antenna and/or apparatus on the MSU/MAES campus pursuant to an executed Telecommunications Antenna and Apparatus Site License. Licensees are also referred to as Contractors in the General Conditions.


FPDC: Facilities Planning Design & Construction.


Owner: Montana State University, including the Agricultural Experiment Station, acting through the Office of Facilities Services.


Technical Antenna Committee (TAC): A subcommittee of the UFPB made up of representatives of ITC, MontanaPBS-KUSM, Auxiliary Services, FPDC, and other interested parties selected by FPDC.


UFPB: The MSU University Facilities Planning Board.


University: Montana State University or MSU

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