university Entities


The locale and elevation of the University as well as the height of some of its major facilities make it an attractive location for non-university entities that require the use of telecommunications antenna apparatus in the delivery of their services. MSU/MAES will not endorse installations that support the commercial activities of private entities, without value accruing to the University.


Installations proposed by non-university entities shall not conflict with the overall mission of the University. All proposals must provide fair market value to the university. Factors that may be considered in valuing and approving the proposal are proposals that would make desired improvements to existing campus infrastructure; provide necessary emergency communications backup services (voice/data) to MSU/MAES; provide students, faculty and staff with better communications quality cellular or other wireless services; and provide commensurate revenue as compensation to meet the requirement of fair market value to the University.


Non-university entities must provide assurance that the installation will not negatively impact the University facilities including building space, roof/building conditions and sites adjacent thereto, and other University resources, including the personnel and other resources of FPDC, MontanaPBS-KUSM, ITC, Auxiliary Services, etc.


An installation will not be approved if it will interfere with or intrude upon existing University voice, data, and video telecommunications, research or others systems or equipment or University programs or licensees.


Access into or onto MSU/MAES facilities for operations, maintenance or repairs of licensee’s installed equipment must be arranged through the University.


0All licensees will be required to comply with university policies including parking regulations.


All commercial non-university applicants must execute and comply with a License such as the template in Exhibit A.

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