100.00 Mission and Vision Statements

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110.00 Mission and Vision of the Montana University System


The Mission of the Montana University System is to serve students through the delivery of high quality, accessible postsecondary educational opportunities, while actively participating in the preservation and advancement of Montana's economy and society. 


We will prepare students for success by creating an environment of ideas and excellence that nurtures intellectual, social, economic, and cultural development.  We will hold academic quality to be the prime attribute of our institutions, allocating human, physical, and financial resources appropriate to our educational mission.  We will encourage scientific development and technology transfer, interactive information systems, economic development and lifelong learning.  We will protect academic freedom, practice collegiality, encourage diversity, foster economic prosperity, and be accountable, responsive, and accessible to the people of Montana.


The following five goals and subordinate objectives will guide the Montana University System in moving toward realization of its vision for the future of higher education in Montana.  

A.   To provide a stimulating, responsive, and effective environment for student learning, student living, and academic achievement.

B.   To make a high quality, affordable higher education experience available to all qualified citizens who wish to further their education and training.

C.   To deliver higher education services in a manner that is efficient, coordinated, and highly accessible.

D.   To be responsive to market, employment, and economic development needs of the State and the nation.

E.   To improve the support for and understanding of the Montana University System as a leading contributor to the State's economic success and social and political well-being.

Montana State University


Since its creation as Montana's first institution of higher education, Montana State University has had as its mission, nothing less than the improvement and enrichment of the lives of the citizens of the state and the creation of a brighter more prosperous future for those citizens. Through campuses in Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls and Havre, 49 Extension Service sites, Experiment Stations at seven sites throughout the state and an increasing capability for remote and electronic delivery, MSU is uniquely designed and motivated to produce the next generation of leaders for communities, businesses, professions, government and the academic disciplines in which degrees are offered.


The MSU campuses have, as a primary mission, the teaching of the next generation of leaders the most up-to-date knowledge in appropriate degree offerings through the doctorate. Each has a specific and unique curricular charge in meeting the breadth of the University's offerings and those of the Montana University System.


Each of the campuses and sites houses some of the current generations finest minds; faculty and staff dedicated to advancing the boundaries of knowledge through research and creative activities.


Each of the campuses is charged with serving the citizens of Montana by forming partnerships and sharing its expertise with agricultural producers, communities, businesses, government agencies and the professions.


120.00 Mission and Vision of Montana State University-Bozeman

Vision Statement

Montana State University will be the university of choice for those seeking a student-centered learning environment distinguished by innovation and discovery in a Rocky Mountain setting.

Mission Statement

Montana State University, the State's land-grant institution, educates students, creates knowledge and art, and serves communities, by integrating learning, discovery, and engagement.

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