The Faculty Senate and MSU Administration approved several revisions to the Faculty Handbook during the 1999-00 academic year. All changes have been incorporated in the electronic version of the MSU Faculty Handbook found on Facts and Stats and are effective July 1, 2000.

Please note the following changes:

New section:
Section 1123.00 Additional Compensation Not Subject to Maximum Salary Limits
Section 1124.00 Additional Compensation Subject to Maximum Salary Limits
Section 441.01: Conflict of Interest:   Applicability
Section 471.00 Responsibility to Prepare and Submit Dossier
Section 1120.00: Additional Compensation
Section 623.00 Contents of Department and College Documents
Section 633.03 Demonstration of Effectiveness and Excellence
Section 811.00 Mandatory Procedures at All Levels of Review
Section 812.01 Area of Excellence/Promise of Excellence
Section 816.00 Responsibilities of the College Dean
Section 820.00 Responsibilities of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Section 1102.00 Definitions
Section 1122.00 Types of Additional Compensation
Section 1130.00 Consulting
Section 471.02 Deadline for the Submission of Dossiers
Section 802.00 Definitions
Section 810.00 Procedures for the Conduct of Formal Reviews of Faculty
Section 1100.00: MSU-Bozeman Policy

Table of Contents