The Faculty Senate and MSU Administration approved several revisions to the Faculty Handbook during the 1998-99 academic year. All changes have been incorporated in the electronic version of the MSU Faculty Handbook found on Facts and Stats and are effective July 1, 1999.

Please note the following changes:

New section:
Section 762.00: Procedures
Section 763.00: Right of Appeal
Section 764.00: Policy -- non-Extension
Section 765.00: Procedures
Section 766.00: Right of Appeal
Section 402.00:

Section 602.00: Definitions
Section 617.01: Termination of Employment
Section 702.00: Definitions
Section 802.00: Definitions
Appendix A: Amendments Proposed by Faculty Senate
Section 254.01: Membership
Section 471.04: Responding to a Negative Recommendation from Primary Level Reviewers
Section 471.06: Responding to a Notice of a Request for Materials Not in the Possession of the Candidate
Section 603.05: Procedures
Section 614.00: Eligibility for Promotion
Section 615.00: Eligibility for Special Review
Section 620.00: Role, Scope, Criteria, Standards, and Procedures Documents
Section 623.00: Contents of Department and College Documents
Section 624.00: Availability to Faculty
Section 632.00: University Criteria
Section 633.02: Excellence
Section 651.00: Appointments with Instructional Expectations
Section 761.00: Policy -- Extension
Section 810.00: Procedures for the Conduct of Formal Reviews of Faculty
Section 811.00 Mandatory Procedures at All Levels of Review
Section 812.00: Responsibility of the Candidate to Submit Dossier
Section 812.01: Area of Excellence/Promise of Excellence
Section 812.02: Alterations to the Dossier
Section 812.04: Opportunity for Candidate to Respond to a Negative Recommendation from the Committee or Primary Administrative Reviewer, or Peer Reviewers.
Section 813.00: Responsibilities of the Primary Review Committee
Section 813.01: Membership
Section 813.02: Procedures of the Committee
Section 813.03: Procedures for Obtaining External Peer Reviews
Section 813.04: Procedures for Obtaining Internal Reviews
Section 814.00: Responsibilities of the Primary Administrative Reviewer
Section 815.00: Responsibilities of the Intermediate Review Committee
Section 815.01: Membership
Section 815.02: Procedures
Section 816.00: Responsibilities of the College Dean
Section 817.00: Responsibilities of the University Promotion and Tenure Committee
Section 820.00: Responsibilities of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Section 820.01: Relationship of Provost's Recommendation to Faculty Right to Grieve
Section 830.00: Responsibilities of the President
Section 831.00: Procedures
Section 1120.00: Additional Compensation
Section 1122.01: Summer Employment of Faculty
Section 1122.02: Special Assignments/Projects
Section 1132.03: Approval of Faculty and Staff Consulting/Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
Section 1224.02: Screening of Applications
Section 1224.03: Responsibilities of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Section 1224.04: Responsibilities of the Department Head
Section 1312.00: Deadlines for Filing
Section 1313.00: Types of Complaints
Section 1330.00: Grievance Procedures
Section 1331.00: Initiation of Grievance Procedures
Section 1333.00: Submission of Statement of Grievance
Section 1336.00: Grievance Hearing Board
Section 471.02: Deadline for the Submission of Dossiers
Section 1224.01: Schedule for University Sabbaticals

Table of Contents