University Sponsored Research Appointment Form

University Sponsored Research Appointments are available to full-time MSU faculty members who have sufficient funding from external sources to supplement their annual state funded salary by 20%, plus a proportional share of all fringe benefits and, if AY faculty, 3/9ths summer salary. Details of the policy governing Sponsored Research Appointments are available at /policy/faculty_handbook/fh1100.html#1140.00 along with a document providing questions and answers concerning the policy and its implementation.

Faculty wishing to be appointed as a University Sponsored Research Faculty for fiscal year 2005 must provide the information requested below and include the official notice of grant/contract award for each project that will support your appointment.

Name: ____________________________________

Department: _______________________________

Fax: _____________________________________

Campus Phone: ____________________________


Please provide the following information for each sponsored project that will be used to support this appointment (attach additional sheets if necessary):

Project Title: ________________________________

Sponsor: ___________________________________

G&C #: ____________________________________

Start Date:__________________________________

End Date: __________________________________

I have read the policy on University Sponsored Research Appointments and agree to abide by its terms.

Signed: ____________________________________ Date: _________  

Reviewed by:

Department Head: ____________________________ Date: _________


Dean ______________________________________ Date: _________


Provost ____________________________________ Date: _________


VP for Research______________________________ Date: _________