Dennis Neuman

Museum of the Rockies, MSU-Bozeman

It takes an exceptional person to embody the three pillars of our land-grant institution - learning, discovery, and engagement. Dennis Neuman, an MSU alumnus, professor and now volunteer at Museum of the Rockies, is just that - exceptional.

After earning M.S. in Analytical Chemistry from Montana State University in 1972, Dennis has shown an unwavering dedication to MSU, our students, and our communities.

Stuart Jennings, a colleague of Dennis in MSU's College of Agriculture, describes him as 'mentor' who was committed to student success and applied research. While Dennis' primary role with MSU was a Research Scientist, Dennis naturally integrated learning with discovery. His kindness and patient tutelage contributed to the success of many graduate students.

Since joining the Museum of the Rockies in the fall of 2014, Dennis has embraced engagement by educating younger Montana students on field trips. Dennis continues use his natural leadership abilities by serving as the chair of the Volunteer Docent Board and was a member of the search committee for MOR's new Executive Director. Even in "retirement," Dennis relentlessly serves our university.

Our museum, our university, and our state are a better place because of Dennis"s passion and dedication to our land-grant university mission and values.
Nominated by Angie Weikert; Received award on January 16, 2019

Steve Jones


Steve Jones is Pure Gold for the contributions he has made to the WIMU program in veterinary medicine and to our departmental large animal research programs. Although we have a new group of veterinary students every year, Steve takes the time to get to know every student and genuinely cares about each of them as an individuals. Steve makes an effort to encourage the students during their stressful first year of veterinary school, and the students often comment how this encouragement has been a great boost to their morale. Clearly, Steve adds a personal touch to our teaching programs. In addition, Steve's coworkers also know that they can count on him to be fair, honest, and always willing to help. Steve is humble and a team player, and he considers every success as the teams? success. In fact, Steve often helps students, co-workers, and even supervisors during his time off--from fixing flat tires and giving rides to running errands or picking up groceries for a sick person. Clearly, Steve Jones is a real gem and an asset to the WIMU program and to the MSU community. For these reasons, he is Pure Gold.

Mark Quinn, Director of WIMU

Steve is a huge asset to the WIMU program. He is patient and hard working. His facilities are always well cared for, and he and Kerri were always prepared for labs. His kindness and encouragement got me through several rough days. I would strongly recommend Steve for the Pure Gold Award.

Alyssa Riley, Class of 2021

My favorite thing about Steve is how patient he is. I remember that he spent hours with us working on hand ties and folding, and was never judgmental. He would patiently walk us through the steps, never appearing frustrated if we didn't get something right - even after a few tries. Steve is always willing to help, and has a way of making everyone feel cared for. Every class, he would take the time to check in with each student to see how we were doing, and some days I really needed that. Thanks Steve! We were so lucky to have you as our instructor.

Emily Munday, Class of 2020

Steve Jones plays an instrumental role in the WIMU Regional Veterinary Program by faithfully serving as an instructor both in animal handling and the principles of surgery courses. He possess a unique ability to provide constructive feedback in a positive manner while managing to encourage you in spite of your short comings. Steve is a great asset to any team and we are thankful to have him as part of our organization.

Conner Van Dyken, Class of 2021

Steve Jones definitely deserves the Pure Gold nomination. He works so hard to make sure students have the most optimal learning environment possible. He notices the little things and makes sure they are taken care of so that there are no distractions for the students. He is very encouraging, and always brings positive energy to class. He is very good at teaching in our principles of surgery class and our animal handling class.

Mariah Young, Class of 2021

Steve is dedicated to the students getting as much as possible out of the WIMU program opportunities! He always is encouraging and makes the stress of vet school less by his easy and kind demeanor! He should always be part of this program!

Tori Wilson, Class of 2020

Steve is a wonderful person, who never fails to cheer up a vet student that is having a bad day or week. He is always friendly and helps shy students come out of their shells and become comfortable in the new environment. He excels at being encouraging with students that may not be familiar with large animals and building up their confidence.

Chelsea Mavencamp, Class of 2021

Steve Jones is a spunky person, who continually goes out of his way to help students learn difficult tasks and feel excited about the new things we take on. He is diligent, and fully committed to each and every one of us. If you can't figure out how to do something, he will keep showing you until you finally accomplish it or he will find a new way to do the same task but that fits that individual better.

Kate Madsen, Class of 2022

Steve is everything you could want in both a boss and a mentor. He always pushes people to do their best in everything, and will jump at the chance to lend a helping hand no matter the problem. His positive attitude and confidence in others' ability to succeed never ends to encourage those around him.

Kasey Sweeney, Class of 2022

Steve does an absolutely wonderful job! I look forward to seeing him, working with him and learning from him every Friday. He is not only a stellar teacher, but also a great motivator and ally. I'm so very glad that he is a part of my training.

Allyson Quigley, Class of 2022

Steve was always a bright light in my week. After a difficult week in school, Steve was always there at the barn with the best attitude, ready to help students in whatever way they needed. The amount of knowledge that he is able to share with the students was amazing and he was always eager to help students learn. He has a wonderful sense of humor and always had me laughing. In addition, watching Steve handle the animals at the barn made it apparent that he is incredible with many different species of animals. He is so kind and did such a great job with each of the animals we worked with, sharing with the student's ways to make the animals calmer and easier to handle. Steve is a wonderful asset to the WIMU program and most definitely pure gold.

Maddy Parker, Class of 2021

Nominated by WIMU Students; Received award on January 9, 2019