Dan  Siemsen

, MSU-Bozeman

Dan is the backbone of all of our labs over at the WIMU building and has been with the program since the beginning. He provides a positive outlook to all of the students, even when we are stressed. While coordinating the anatomy labs, handling cadavers, and dealing with anxious veterinary students is not always the most glamorous job, Dan always does so with a smile. Dan is always willing to stay late when we are trying to cram for an exam and the first one to tell us that we are going to be fine and that it is not the end of the world.

Dan makes sure that everything is always ready to go for the students each day before lab. He comes before the students each day and organizes all of the tables so they are equipped with everything needed for that day's lab and is the last one to leave after helping students clean the tables and instruments.

Dan is humble in all that he does. He builds skeletons and color codes them for the students to learn with. He often does these after everyone else has gone home. He always has a positive outlook and a wonderful sense of humor. When students are stressed he keeps the mood light and the students encouraged. Dan is pure gold and a great asset to the WIMU program at MSU and without him the program and labs would not be same.

Nominated by Garrett Ryerson; Received award on February 22, 2017

Susan  Cooper, Julie Hager, Sharon Henderson, Denise Thompson, Lisa White

Animal & Range Sciences Administrative Team, MSU-Bozeman

Whether working as a team or independently in their respective roles, the Animal and Range Sciences administrative team provides steadfast support to its faculty, staff and students. Each goes beyond their job description, with an "anything else you need?" attitude for jobs both small and large.

"Their level of energy and commitment is amazing," said Department Head Pat Hatfield. "They are all outstanding professionals who go above and beyond their job descriptions to make tremendous contributions to the research, teaching, and service missions of Montana State University. Their efforts make our department a better place to work and study for both students and faculty."

Leading the team is Susan Cooper, assistant to the department head and supervisor of the administrative associates. Susan is the primary contact for the department, whose tasks include organizing meetings, handling correspondence, fielding phone calls, managing building upkeep, scheduling meeting rooms and coordinating the MSU Farrier School.

As administrative associate for departmental faculty, Julie Hager provides teaching and research support for faculty members. She assists in preparing grants and manuscripts and guides faculty through dossier preparation and the promotion and tenure process. Julie coordinates job and internship opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students by connecting producers and businesses with MSU students and alumni.

As Extension specialists administrative associate, Sharon Henderson works with both Animal and Range Sciences and MSU Extension, coordinating events such as the wool harvesting school and youth horsemanship camp. Sharon also maintains the departmental website and contributes to its social media pages.

Denise Thompson, administrative associate for student records, is responsible for departmental student - and academia-related issues, such as scheduling courses and classrooms, ordering books and maintaining student files. She continually updates degree requirements and produces various academic reports. Denise is the primary contact for inquiries into pursuing an Animal and Range Sciences degree.

Accounting Associate Lisa White handles all departmental accounting and fiscal management for federal, state, Extension and private funds. This entails working with faculty, staff and students as well as with other departments on campus.

For all they do, the Animal and Range Sciences administrative team is Pure Gold!
Nominated by Jim Berardinelli; Received award on February 15, 2017

Christy Cousino

Extended University, MSU-Bozeman

Many of the Pure Gold honorees are people who work on the front lines, interacting with students each and every day. Christy Cousino is proof that ALL of us can positively impact the lives of students and our partners even though we might rarely interact in person.

Christy is the webmaster for MSU Extended University. She creates the web pages, forms, databases and online infrastructure that help students learn about and enroll in non-credit courses, camps, workshops and other programs. Many of these students fall into the "non-traditional" category -- they're older or they live in a rural area. They may have limited experience with computers or are unfamiliar with a college campus. At the same time, many of the outreach programs utilize new technologies to provide interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Christy is dedicated to using technology to make each of these learner's experiences the best possible. She is an advocate for clear writing, accessible design and clean navigation. Christy is also the consummate MSU team player, serving on committees, helping us implement new systems, paying close attention to network security, and keeping us informed about new developments in web communications.

In addition to her work with Extended University, Christy has worked closely with the Offices of the Registrar, Admissions and Student Success to navigate a smooth transition for MSU Online admissions, enrollment, and communications.

Every day, Christy gives her all to MSU students -- especially those considered non-traditional by providing the best possible support and opportunities for success.

Christy Cousino is Pure Gold!
Nominated by Suzi Taylor; Received award on February 8, 2017

Darrel Williams

IT Department, MSU-Billings

Darrel Williams always goes above and beyond in his duties as Desktop Support, Information Technology, Institutional Research, and eLearning Specialist. I had a large project to complete and was using Box, new to me. I was getting frustrated with the technology and Darrel spent as much time as I needed to become comfortable with the process. His unlimited patience is very much appreciated by myself and other members of the Montana State University Billings family.

Darrel also serves on Staff Senate as vice chair and serves on a variety of Staff Senate committees offering his experience. Last year's "Bring Your Child to Work Day" was a great success in part due to Darrel's leadership. The "Minute to Win It" game won rave reviews with the participants and was all due to Darrelís efforts.

Darrel is also a devoted family man with four children and a beautiful wife, Cari. Darrel inspires those he works with to do the very best we can and to help our students be successful. He is genuine and brings such a positive attitude to all he engages with and those around him.
Nominated by Karen Mikelson; Received award on February 1, 2017

Dan Richter

Western Transportation Institute, MSU-Bozeman

Dan Richter has been a research associate at the Western Transportation Institute for nine years and we are proud to have him as a member of the Systems Group. Unassuming and always ready to lighten the mood with his sharp sense of humor, Dan exemplifies the values and work ethic we strive for and sets a great example for our students.

Dan came out of "retirement" to join our group in November 2007, and brought a wealth of experience with him. He grew up on the East Coast and worked as an analyst (Software Developer++) for a pipeline company, among other jobs. Not your typical code programmer, Dan has worked on real-time, mission critical systems in the field -- literally in the field -- and just about anywhere else you can think of. As such, one of Dan's checks when we interview prospective student programmers is to ask them if they work on their own car or if they like to build things. He demonstrates a hands-on, can-do attitude, rarely asking for help, but he is always there to provide guidance and support when needed, particularly to our students.

Dan has been a key team member and programming lead on projects such as WeatherShare and the Automated Safety Warning Controller System, as well as on national award-winning projects such as Redding Responder and the One-Stop-Shop for Rural Traveler Information. Our sponsor (Caltrans) holds Dan in the highest regard and appreciates his work as much as we do.

Dan escaped industry to move west and enjoy the rivers in the summer and the mountains in the winter. He is an accomplished rafting guide and skier, and selflessly volunteers with Eagle Mount to help disabled children enjoy activities such as skiing, which they might not otherwise be able to participate in without volunteers like him. Sometimes, we worry that Dan will escape to the rivers or mountains full time.

We are thankful Dan's dedication to our group, students and projects keeps him indoors with us for a while longer.
Nominated by Douglas Galarus; Received award on January 25, 2017

Michele Cusack

Recreation Sports and Fitness, MSU-Bozeman

Michele Cusack is one of the few exceptional, down-to-earth people you will meet on campus who not only touches your life at a personal level but always inspires you to do better. For the past seven years, Michele has been the positive spirit of the Recreational Sports and Fitness team. She works with students and other staff members at a very personal level. She always gets tasks organized and completes them within their deadline.

Michele is an amazing team player and is well-known among the staff across campus for her work ethic, positive and cheerful attitude and for going above and beyond!

She made the development of the RSF mobile application possible, which was not an easy task. She researched the pros and cons of having a mobile application, inquired among different people on campus as to what they expected from this mobile application and made the implementation possible. This application is now being used by more than 2,000 students and staff across campus. It was under Michele's tutelage that the Point-of-Sales software and Web Portal implementation (FUSION) also became part of RSF's operation. Michele researched other departments across campus for their collaboration and worked selflessly to get this project implemented, which our department is proud of.

Traveling to Bozeman, Montana from a different country has come with many ups and downs, but after meeting people like Michele; life and people around me seem friendlier. She has such a positive outlook towards work, is open-minded toward different cultures and continually inspires those around her to have a positive and broader outlook.

Michele is like a family member to me and is the heart and soul of Recreational Sports and Fitness. Michele is Pure Gold.
Nominated by Shriyansh Kothari; Received award on January 18, 2017