Michele Cusack

Recreation Sports and Fitness, MSU-Bozeman

Michele Cusack is one of the few exceptional, down-to-earth people you will meet on campus who not only touches your life at a personal level but always inspires you to do better. For the past seven years, Michele has been the positive spirit of the Recreational Sports and Fitness team. She works with students and other staff members at a very personal level. She always gets tasks organized and completes them within their deadline.

Michele is an amazing team player and is well-known among the staff across campus for her work ethic, positive and cheerful attitude and for going above and beyond!

She made the development of the RSF mobile application possible, which was not an easy task. She researched the pros and cons of having a mobile application, inquired among different people on campus as to what they expected from this mobile application and made the implementation possible. This application is now being used by more than 2,000 students and staff across campus. It was under Michele's tutelage that the Point-of-Sales software and Web Portal implementation (FUSION) also became part of RSF's operation. Michele researched other departments across campus for their collaboration and worked selflessly to get this project implemented, which our department is proud of.

Traveling to Bozeman, Montana from a different country has come with many ups and downs, but after meeting people like Michele; life and people around me seem friendlier. She has such a positive outlook towards work, is open-minded toward different cultures and continually inspires those around her to have a positive and broader outlook.

Michele is like a family member to me and is the heart and soul of Recreational Sports and Fitness. Michele is Pure Gold.
Nominated by Shriyansh Kothari; Received award on January 18, 2017