The IRAEA Internal Advisory Board consists of faculty and deans—currently the deans of the College of Agriculture, the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship, and the College of Engineering—the heads of the departments of Agricultural Economics and Economics, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences and Modern Languages and Literatures, and a full professor in the DAEE who is elected by DAEE faculty members.

The IRAEA External Advisory Board consists of research scholars external to MSU and independent of the Koch Foundation who are leading academics in areas such as agriculture and natural resources, healthcare, financial economics, education economics, the economics of the criminal justice system and other policy areas.

Advisory boards provide oversight and feedback regarding IRAEA activities, review Initiative processes and protocols, provide information about local, state, regional and national issues that may be appropriate for IRAEA research activities and share information about the Initiative with other MSU faculty and administrators. Along with the co-directors, the Internal Advisory Board also serves as the IRAEA Research Fellows Selection Committee.

Internal Advisory Board

Sreekala Bajwa, Vice President and Dean, College of Agriculture and Director, Montana Agricultural Experiment Station

• Galen Brokaw, Department Head, Modern Languages and Literature

• Gregory Gilpin, Department Head, Agricultural Economics and Economics

• Brett Gunnink, Dean, College of Engineering

• Mark Ranalli, Dean, Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship

• George Haynes, Full Professor, Agricultural Economics and Economics

• Tracy Sterling, Department Head, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences

External Advisory Board

• James Brown, Kingland MBA Professor and Chair, Department of Finance, Iowa State Univeristy

• Nick Piggot, Associate Head, Extension Leader, Professor and Extension Specialist, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, North Carolina State University

• Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Margaret Walker Alexander Professor of Human Development and Social Policy at Northwestern University, Director and Faculty Fellow of the Program on Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies at Northwestern’s Institute for Policy Research, Director of the Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, and Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research

• Jonathan Skinner, James O. Freedman Presidential Professor in Economics, Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth College

• Ann Huff Stevens, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas

•  Brian Wright, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Economist with the Agricultural Experiment Station, and the Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics,University of California, Berkeley