Modification of phonon processes in nanostructured rare-earth-ion-doped crystals


Thomas Lutz, Lucile Veissier, Charles W. Thiel, Rufus L. Cone, Paul E. Barclay, Wolfgang Tittel


Physical Review A


Nano-structuring impurity-doped crystals affects the phonon density of states and thereby modifies the atomic dynamics induced by interaction with phonons. We propose the use of nano-structured materials in the form of powders or phononic bandgap crystals to enable or improve persistent spectral hole burning and coherence for inhomogeneously broadened absorption lines in rare-earth-ion-doped crystals. This is crucial for applications such as ultra-precise radio-frequency spectrum analyzers and optical quantum memories. As an example, we discuss how phonon engineering can enable spectral hole burning in erbium-doped materials operating in the convenient telecommunication band and present simulations for density of states of nano-sized powders and phononic crystals for the case of Y2SiO5, a widely used material in current quantum memory research.



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