Pisskan: Interpreting First Peoples Bison Kills at Heritage Parks, Leslie B. Davis


John W Fisher jr., Leslie B Davis


Pisskan: Interpreting First Peoples Bison Kills at Heritage Parks (edited book)


Prologue / Joseph Medicine Crow -- Experiencing the precontact Native American "buffalo culture" lifeway on-site / Leslie B. Davis -- Stepping back from the edge of Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump / Jack W. Brink -- Wahkpa Chu'gn: smaller-scale on-site interpretation of a northwestern plains bison kill / John H. Brumley and Emmett A. Stallcop -- Madison Buffalo Jump: a retrospective / Leslie B. Davis and Joan L. Brownell -- First peoples buffalo jump archaeology: research results and public interpretation / John W. Fisher Jr. and Tom E. Roll -- Archaeological research and interpretive development at Wanuskewin Heritage Park / Ernest G. Walker -- Lubbock Lake landmark: a joint venture in preservation, research, and public interpretation / Eileen Johnson -- The Hudson-Meng paleoindian bison kill: twenty years later and a post-2005 update / Larry D. Agenbroad -- Research and public visitation at Hudson-Meng, 1991-1996: integrating observations and interpretation / Lawrence C. Todd and David J. Rapson -- Panel discussion / Leslie B. Davis.



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