Complete Genome Sequence of Alkaliphilus metalliredigens Strain QYMF, an Alkaliphilic and Metal-Reducing Bacterium Isolated from Borax-Contaminated Leachate Ponds


C Hwang, A Copeland, S Lucas, A Lapidus, K Barry, J C Detter, T Glavina del Rio, N Hammon, S Israni, E Dalin, H Tice, S Pitluck, O Chertkov, T Brettin, D Bruce, C Han, J Schmutz, F Larimer, M L Land, L Hauser, N Kyrpides, N Mikhailova, Q Ye, J Zhou, P Richardson, M W Fields


Genome Announcements


Alkaliphilus metalliredigens strain QYMF is an anaerobic, alkaliphilic, and metal-reducing bacterium associated with phylum Firmicutes QYMF was isolated from alkaline borax leachate ponds. The genome sequence will help elucidate the role of metal-reducing microorganisms under alkaline environments, a capability that is not commonly observed in metal respiring-microorganisms.



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