Evidence of phase transitions in MoO2 single crystals


L.M.S. Alves, F.S. Oliveira, B.S. de Lima, M.S. da Luz, A. Rebello, S.H. Masunaga, John J. Neumeier, C. Giles, J.B. Leao, C.A.M. dos Santos


Journal of Alloys and Compounds


In this work, structural and physical properties are revisited in the MoO2 compound. MoO2 single crystals have been prepared by chemical vapor transport technique and characterized by X-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction, high-resolution thermal expansion, electrical resistance measurements, and heat capacity. Electrical resistivity, heat capacity, and thermal expansion measurements show two clear features which are related to phase transitions on the MoO2 compound. These results suggest that an electronic-type transition occurs near 220 K and a structural transition at ?267 K.



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