A research journey through mathematics coaching


Jennifer Luebeck, Elizabeth Burroughs


The Journal of Mathematical Behavior


Classroom coaching in mathematics is flexible in its definition, complex in its enactment, variable in its outcomes, and dependent on setting and circumstances. Multiple lines of inquiry are required to navigate this subjective terrain: research on coaching encompasses understanding perceptions of coaching held by coaches, teachers, and administrators, measuring the effectiveness of coaching in terms of teachers’ content knowledge and instructional practices, and exploring the nature of coaching within an educational ecosystem. This paper describes a cumulative sequence of research studies that inform current understanding of classroom coaching in mathematics, highlighting methodological decisions made at various crossroads and elaborating on the populations, methods, and instruments used to investigate coaching. A presentation of findings related to the three domains of perception, effectiveness, and nature is followed by reflections on features of coaching that pose particular challenges, questions that remain to be answered, and promising avenues of future inquiry.



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