Re-Positioning Youth in English Teacher Education


Robert Petrone, Sophia Tatiana Sarigianides


Innovations in English Language Arts Teacher Education


Grounded in Critical Youth Studies and English education scholarship that examines the consequences of conceptions of adolescence on English teachers' thinking about pedagogy, this chapter highlights two ways English teacher educators can facilitate pre-service English teachers' interrogation of dominant discourses of adolescence/ts so they might be better positioned to create pedagogical practices aligned with more comprehensive understandings of secondary students. The first focuses on teaching a Youth Lens in the context of a Young Adult Literature course, an approach that helps future teachers learn about adolescence as a construct and the linkages between this idea and English pedagogy. The second focuses on integrating youth into English teacher education coursework as guest speakers on a range of English and schooling practices whereby they are "re-positioned" as experts and contributors to English teacher education. Together, these points of intervention provide ways to re-position youth systemically throughout English teacher education programs.



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