Magnetic, thermal, and optical properties of single-crystalline CoTa2O6 and FeTa2O6 and their anisotropic magnetocaloric effect


Aaron B. Christian, A. T. Schye, K. O. White, John J. Neumeier


Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter


The magnetic, thermal, and optical properties of single-crystalline CoTa2O6 and FeTa2O6 are reported. Optical dichroism was observed in CoTa2O6. Magnetic susceptibility ?(T) measurements reveal long-range antiferromagnetic order with Néel temperatures [Formula: see text] K and 8.11(5) K, respectively, and anisotropy in ?. The thermal expansion coefficients exhibit significant anisotropy and the influence of the magnetic ions and long-range order. A structural phase transition to orthorhombic occurs below T N for FeTa2O6. Magnetic field H lowers T N with its affect largest when H is directed along either [1?1?0] or [1?[Formula: see text]?0], and smallest when directed along [0?0?1]. This leads to an anisotropic magnetocaloric effect that is investigated through measurements of the specific heat and magnetization in applied magnetic field.



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