Elastic Constants, Bulk Modulus, and Compressibility of H^sub 2^O Ice Ih for the Temperature Range 50 K–273 K


John J. Neumeier


Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data


Published elastic constant data for H2O ice in the Ih phase are compiled and evaluated. Fits of the five elastic constants for 50 ? T/K ? 273 are conducted to yield a reliable and convenient source for elastic constant values. Various elastic properties can be calculated from the elastic constants obtained herein. The elastic constants are used to determine the adiabatic bulk modulus BS for the same temperature range with an estimated uncertainty of less than 1.3%. Fitting those data yields an equation for BS that is extrapolated to provide values for 0 ? T/K < 50. The adiabatic compressibility KS, isothermal bulk modulus BT, and isothermal compressibility KT are calculated from BS. Comparisons are made to published data.



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