Coronal temperatures of the AGN ESO 103-035 and IGR 2124.7+5058 from NuSTAR observations


D. J. K. Buisson, A. C. Fabian, Anne M. Lohfink


Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society


We present measurements of the coronae of two active galactic nuclei (AGNs) from hard X-ray observations made with NuSTAR: ESO 103-035, a moderately to highly obscured source with significant reflection; and IGR 2124.7+5058, a radio-loud source with a very hard spectrum. Using an exponentially cut-off power-law model for the coronal emission spectrum gives a high-energy cut-off of 100(-30)(+90) keV for ESO 103-035 and 80(-9)(+11) keV for IGR 2124.7+5058, within the typical range for AGNs. Fitting with physical Comptonization models shows that these correspond to a temperature of 22(-6)(+19) and 20(-2)(+3) keV, respectively. These values are consistent with pair production limiting the coronal temperature.



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