Statistical Consulting and Research Services


Welcome to the Montana State University Statistical Consulting and Research Services!  We offer statistical consulting to MSU students, faculty, and non-affiliates as well, dependent on consultant availability.  SCRS is currently supported by  Montana INBRE, CAIRHE, AI-AN CTRP, Mountain West CTR-IN, the Department of Mathematical Sciences, and the College of Letters and Science.  We assist in:

Research Planning: Study design, sample size, statistical power, analysis planning, data collection, data management, and research proposals.

Analysis: Computed variables, selecting statistical methods, modeling, and model interpretation.

Dissemination: Graphical and tabular displays, model interpretation, and writing.

Additional work will depend on consultant specialty.  Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions.

Request Assistance

 To request statistical consultation, please submit a Request Form. Fill out this form as soon as possible, preferably (but not necessarily) before data collection.  

Our Cadre

Co-Directors: Dr. Lillian Lin and Dr. Megan Higgs

Advisory Council: John Borkowski, Mike Franklin, Mark Greenwood, Kathryn Irvine 

Past Advisory Council Members: Steve Cherry, Andrea Litt, Scott Myers, Donna Williams, Mary Leonard, Megan Higgs

Current Consultants: Christopher Barbour, Kenneth Flagg, Michaela Powell, Tan Tran, Stephen Walsh

Current Intern: Jeremy Tate

Past Associates and Consultants: Katharine Banner, Brittany Barnes, Bridgett Foran, Leslie Gains-Germain, Michael Lerch, Andrea Mack, Maya Marchese, Sarah McKnight, Elizabeth Mery, Christopher Peck, Claire Rasmussen, Jordan Schupbach, Huafeng Zhang

Statistical Consulting SeminarGraduate students in statistics take the hands-on Statistical Consulting Seminar course as a part of their graduate program. SCRS and the Statistical Consulting Seminar work together to provide consulting services to clients. Typically, the Statistical Consulting Seminar serves clients that are graduate students in other departments who are willing to work through the slower consulting process offered through this avenue. This is a great opportunity for graduate students from different departments across campus to participate in cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Last updated: 2017/02/01