Eric Austin

Associate Professor, Political Science

Interests: Public administration, leadership ethics, public safety, environmental policy

   Wilson Hall 2-138
   (406) 994-5168

Brooke Bocast

Assistant Professor,  Sociology & Anthropology

Interests: Africa, global health, medical anthropology, gender and sexuality

   Wilson Hall 2-128
Ed Dratz

Ed Dratz

Professor, Chemistry and BioChemistry

Interests: Metabolism, enhanced nutrition and health, proteomics

   Chemistry & Biochemistry Building 251
   (406) 994-3399
Paul Gannon

Paul Gannon

 Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Interests: Sustainability, Energy, Materials

    Cobleigh Hall 302
   (406) 994-7380
Tim LeCain

Timothy LeCain

Professor of History 

Interests:  Environmental History, History of Technology, Animal History, Neo-Materialism

    Wilson Hall 2-216
    (406) 994-7585
Sara Mannheimer

Sara Mannheimer

 Assistant Professor and Data Librarian, Library

Interests: Digital preservation, open data, big data ethics, research data management

    Library 234
   (406) 994-3361
Bruce Maxwell

Bruce Maxwell

Professor, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences

Co-Director - MSU, Institute on Ecosystems

Interests:  Agroecology, invasive plant ecology, ecological modeling

    Leon Johnson Hall 718
   (406) 994-5717
Jamie McEvoy

Jamie McEvoy

Assistant Professor, Geography, Department of Earth Sciences

Interests:  Political ecology, science and technology studies, political ecology of water management, climate change vulnerability and adaptation,policy and governance at the climate-water-energy nexus

   Traphaggen Hall 208
    (406) 994-4069
Gretchen Minton

Gretchen Minton

Professor, English

Interests: Shakespeare and early modern drama, relationships between science, environment and society in literature

   Wilson Hall 2-176
    (406) 994-5194
Liz Shanahan

Liz Shanahan

Associate Professor, Political Science

Interests: Public policy, environmental policy and politics, narrative policy frameworks, social ecological systems

    Wilson Hall 2-141
     (406) 994-5167
Justin Shanks

 Justin Shanks

Postdoctoral Researcher, Library

Interests: Contemplative Technopedagogy, Mindfulness and Technology,History of Science and Technology,Information and Society, Food and Society,
Research Translation and Public Engagement

     Renne Library 320
   (406) 994-4769
John Sheppard

John Sheppard

 Professor, Computer Science

Interests: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, reasoning under uncertainty, health management, data mining,  algorithms

   Barnard Hall 365 
   (406) 994-4835 
Cindy Stillwell

 Cindy Stillwell

Professor, Film and Photography

Interests: Filmmaking focused on human beings in relationship with nature. 

    VCB 228
   (406) 994-6222
Scott Young

Scott Young

Assistant Professor, User Experience and Assessment Librarian

Interests: Service and participatory design, accessibility, ethics and social justice in library sciences.

   Renne Library 148 
   (406) 994-6429