MSU has installed the largest super computer in the state of Montana, a Research Computing Cluster, called Hyalite. This is a fairly small cluster, composed of 65 nodes (64 regular and 1 extra-high capacity), for a total of 1080 cores (2120 hyper-threaded). Those nodes can crank out about 18 TeraFlops of computing power. There is also 620 TB of Lustre storage available on the cluster. Hyalite was installed by a UK based company called BIOS-IT, and is supported by UIT. Hyalite has been expanded multiple times since it's initial installation in December 2014.

Nodes   65 (XEON)
CPUs   1080
(2120 HT)

64 GB

FABRIC   10 Gbps


 More technical specifiations: Hyalite is installed in 78U of rack space in the AJM datacenter.  Node chassis and motherboards are manufactured by Supermicro, running Intel Xeons (36 nodes Sandy Bridge, 24 nodes Haswell, 4 Broadwell), 64 or 256 GB RAM per node (with one quad-socket very-high-memory node with 1500 GB RAM), all connected together with Mellanox 10 GbE (w/RDMA) switching. The cluster management software is Bright Computing Cluster Manager, the job scheduling is managed by SLURM Workload Manager, and the Lustre storage software is Intel Enterprise Lustre. Hyalite was financed by money from UIT, the Vice President for Research, and MSU faculty from Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Plant Sciences, and Ecology.

Hyalite is available to all MSU researchers, the only requirement being a session of basic training. If you are interested and would like more information, or are interested in using Hyalite in your research, please email Research Cyberinfrastructure at hyalite-support@montana.edu.


Please use the following for citation purposes when referring to the use of Hyalite computing resources in your research:

Computational efforts were performed on the Hyalite High-Performance Computing System, operated and supported by  University Information Technology Research Cyberinfrastructure at Montana State University.


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A quick start guide for users with activated accounts is available here: Hyalite Quickstart Guide

Download the Hyalite Cheatsheet here: Hyalite-Cheatsheet.pdf

Download the Hyalite Training Slides here: Hyalite-Training.pdf

A list of available Hyalite Software Modules is found here: Hyalite Software Modules

The Hyalite XDMoD Dashboard is here: https://xdmod.rci.montana.edu

Info on the Hyalite faculty HPC Advisory Group: www.montana.edu/uit/hpcag/

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