Artifiical Intelligence

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Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence graduate certificate program at Montana State is intended to help students understand this rapidly developing technology, reflect on how it might impact their lives and society in general, and identify ethical issues that we may confront related to AI.

The 12-credit Artificial Intelligence graduate certificate prepares students to incorporate artificial intelligence techniques when solving problems with computers. The certificate provides flexible course options and can be undertaken as a graduate student who has an appropriate background.




“Artificial Intelligence technology is changing the retail landscape,” said Christine Eunyoung Sung, an assistant marketing professor in the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship. “It can revolutionize the product manufacturing process.”




Carnegie Classified

Carnegie Classified
MSU is classified as an R1 research institution, the top research designation granted by the prestigious Carnegie Classification. As an R1 institution, MSU is able to offer students meaningful research opportunities in a variety of fields.


WICHE Partnered Program
This graduate program honors the WICHE partnership for students from 15 western states. If you’re a resident of a WICHE state, you qualify for tuition significantly less than standard non-resident tuition. Learn more.


Startup Prowess
The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurship rated Montana #4 in Startup Activity out of the 25 smaller states and ranked Bozeman #3 in Main Street Entrepreneurship.




Fund Your Education

The Graduate School at Montana State is dedicated to helping students secure funding during their time at MSU. Some resources the certificate program and Graduate School offer include:


Computer Science students have access to the following laboratories and opportunities during their time at Montana State:

  • The Software Lab
  • The Applied Algorithms Laboratory
  • The Computation Ecology Group
  • The Numerical Intelligent Systems Laboratory
  • Statistical Consulting and Research Services




Admissions Requirements

Note: no GRE Required.

Each program within the Graduate School at Montana State has its own particular requirements for admission, and the Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate is not different. To ensure that you start your application on the right foot, please review the admissions requirements for the Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate program. This includes any additional deadlines that the Gianforte School of Computing may have aside from the Graduate School, which does practice rolling admissions.