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International Business

Gain a general overview of the field of international business including an understanding of how the global economy works, navigating international markets, and understanding cultures and geopolitical factors that affect business.

International Business – Minor

The International Business minor at Montana State supports students in developing skills and knowledge necessary for professional opportunities in international business by focusing on coursework for their own particular interest in modern languages, culture and diversity, political science, geography, history and economics.





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Competitive Advantage
Students can choose to boost their foreign language proficiency, which highly increases employment opportunities.

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Practical Applications
The minor complements any area of study, helps prepare students for working in a global economy and helps students increase their understanding of other parts of the world.

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Hands-on Experience
Students are encouraged to participate in a study abroad experience or faculty-led international trip.



Career Resources

Within their first year of graduation, more than 96% of Montana State graduates are employed, continuing their education or not seeking employment, and career guidance website Zippia consistently ranks MSU as the #1 school in the state where alumni are most likely to land jobs.

Career Coaching & Professional Skills Studio

Professional career coaches help students with their career exploration, employer networking opportunities and job or internship searches. They also critique resumes and help students practice job interviews. Additionally, the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success offers free workshops for students to develop the professional communication and collaboration skills that are highly sought after by employers.



International Business students at Montana State University go into careers such as:

  • Management Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

To explore more career possibilities, the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success has a variety of tools available, including self-assessment and working with career coaches.




Sample Course Plan

For more details on what your full study plan could look like under this minor, consult the official Montana State University course catalog for specific registration and advising information.