A young woman in racing gear tests the supports on a race car frame.

Mechanical Engineering

Design and test mechanical, fluid and thermal systems for solving problems in robotics, automotive, aerospace industries or building energy systems.

Mechanical Engineering – B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

From designing the next generation of spacecraft and automobiles to alternative energy systems and much more, mechanical engineers enjoy a wide variety of career opportunities that involve working with thermal and mechanical energy. Students in the Mechanical Engineering program at Montana State are given ample opportunity for hands-on experience, from studying in MSU’s computer-aided drafting, integrated manufacturing and machining laboratories to their capstone senior projects that solve real-world design problems.




Research for Engineering students’ capstone research at Montana State can be out of this world, such as Mechanical Engineering students Spencer Ball ’20, Ryan Davis ’20, Haley Ketteler ’21 and Connor Tappe ‘20’s project creating a research device that can simulate the microgravity of low Earth orbit in order to assist MSU researcher Stephan Warnat study microbial build-up on the International Space Station.




Illustration of two hands clasped in a handshake.

Hands-On Learning
With the capstone senior design project, engineering students work in teams to help organizations, companies and MSU researchers solve real-world problems.

Illustration of a light bulb, a gear whirring inside the bulb.

Goldwater Scholars
Montana State is the Top 3 in the West, after Stanford and Cal Tech, in recipients of the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship for students in math, science and engineering.

Illustration of a drafting compass, its calipers extended.

The Bill Wurst Makerspace
A state-of-the-art facility in MSU's new engineering building includes specialty tools such as 3-D printers for students to prototype their big ideas.




Career Resources

Within their first year of graduation, more than 96% of Montana State graduates are employed, continuing their education or not seeking employment, and career guidance website Zippia consistently ranks MSU as the #1 school in the state where alumni are most likely to land jobs.

Career Coaching & Professional Skills Studio

Professional career coaches help students with their career exploration, employer networking opportunities and job or internship searches. They also critique resumes and help students practice job interviews. Additionally, the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success offers free workshops for students to develop the professional communication and collaboration skills that are highly sought after by employers.


Mechanical Engineering students at Montana State University go into careers such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Automobile Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • National Laboratories
  • Robotics

To explore more career possibilities, the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success has a variety of tools available,including self-assessment and working with career coaches.