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Science Education (K-8)

Share your passion in science and teach students in grades K-8.

Science Education (K-8) – B.S. in Science Education (K-8)

The Science Education (K-8) option at Montana State is specifically designed for students who wish to become licensed to teach science to elementary and middle school students in kindergarten through grade 8. Students in the Science Education program combine a broad educational focus on how the subjects science, technology, engineering and math interconnect with language arts, social studies, arts and health enhancement, all while adding additional science coursework to further hone their educational interests.

Often, in addition to their Science Education degree, Education students at Montana State will also invest in a variety of teaching minors such as Biology (5-12), Chemistry (5-12), Earth Science (5-12) or Physics (5-12).



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University of the Yellowstone™
Montana State students make the surrounding Yellowstone ecosystem their classroom, laboratory and playground.

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Top Public University in Montana
According to the Forbes list of America's Top Colleges, Montana State is the No. 1 Public University in the state based on value, post-graduation salary and student experience.

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Unique Opportunities
At Montana State, undergraduates are offered hands-on experiences in labs, studios, teaching farms and in the surrounding wilderness.



Career Resources

Within their first year of graduation, more than 96% of Montana State graduates are employed, continuing their education or not seeking employment, and career guidance website Zippia consistently ranks MSU as the #1 school in the state where alumni are most likely to land jobs.

Career Coaching & Professional Skills Studio

Professional career coaches help students with their career exploration, employer networking opportunities and job or internship searches. They also critique resumes and help students practice job interviews. Additionally, the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success offers free workshops for students to develop the professional communication and collaboration skills that are highly sought after by employers.


Science Education students at Montana State University go into careers such as:

  • Elementary School Teaching
  • Middle School Teaching
  • Tutoring

To explore more career possibilities, the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success has a variety of tools available , including self-assessment and working with career coaches.