Per Diem Information

Species ARC per diem rates: FY 2021 (7/1/21-6/30/22)
Mice, specialized care1 1.49 Per cage/day
Mice, ABSL2 at the ARC2 2.34 Per cage/day
Mice, ABSL3 at the BSL3 facility Charged by Tech time*
Rats 1.70 Per cage/day
Hamsters,ABSL2 at the ARC3  Per cage/day
Guinea Pigs 4.20 Per cage/day
Gerbils Per cage/day
Cats  Per animal/day
Rabbits 4.20 Per animal/day
Ferrets 2.57 Per animal/day
Leopard Frogs Per tank/day



1.80Per tank/day


1.52 small tank/day

1.01 large tank/day

  1. Animals are housed in autoclaved and ventilated caging, provided irradiated feed and sterile water and cage changes are performed within a HEPA-filtered change station.
  2. Animals are housed in the ABSL2 area of the ARC.  They are maintained under “specialized care” conditions.  In addition, caging and personal protective equipment (PPE) are autoclaved upon exit.
  3. Technologist rate(minimum of 15 minute increments) =$45.00/hour.
  4. *Due to time commitment for a small number of rodent housing days, ARC time dedicated to BSL3 husbandry and training will be charged on a tech hourly basis.