President's Letter

Dear Colleagues:

It has been six years since Montana State University students, faculty, staff, and community members imagined a bright future together in our strategic plan, “Mountains and Minds: Learners and Leaders.”  This year, as we have celebrated the 125th anniversary of our founding in the bold national experiment of land-grant universities, we have looked forward again – drafting this plan’s successor that will build on the persistent, dedicated work of the Montana State community to deliver on its promise to integrate learning, discovery, and engagement as the model for 21st Century Land-Grant Universities. 

As we look back now on the sixth year of the plan, we celebrate achievements in all areas, including exceeding some targets ahead of schedule.   We take pride in the reaffirmation of our accreditation, which commended our use of our strategic plan to guide the University’s direction.  And we see specific progress in the objectives Planning Council has recommended as priorities over the 2017-18 academic year:

Learning 1: Assess, and improve where needed, student learning of critical knowledge and skills.

Discovery 1: Elevate the research excellence and recognition of MSU faculty.

Discovery 3: Expand the scale, breadth, and quality of doctoral education.

Access 2: Diversify the student body.

Stewardship 1: Attract, develop and retain the best faculty and staff to achieve the MSU mission.

During the past academic year, we have planned, budgeted, and developed programs relevant to these objectives, not at the expense of other good projects, but to shine a spotlight for a short while in order to make concerted progress. 

We also look ahead to the next strategic plan, effective January 1, 2019.  The next plan is even more focused, more disciplined, and more relevant to the needs of our students, state, nation, and world.  The future for Montana State University is one of impact, transformation, and promise!


Go Cats!

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Waded Cruzado