Building lobby, with two couches and a coffee table. A small Spirit bobcat statue sits in the corner, a conference room is in the distance.

About Us

Our facility was built with the most stringent security requirements in mind, as the Applied Research Laboratory is a controlled access facility. Designed to accommodate existing requirements with the ability to meet future needs for MSU researchers and industry partners, the ARL offers a multitude of capabilities including scalable power provisioning, wet-lab configurable spaces, natural gas, water, enhanced cooling, medical-grade compressed air, and more! We have a convenient reception area, conference room, break room, restrooms, and storage area, with easy access and parking for collaborative meetings at the ARL without the need for enhanced security controls.

Serving as the cornerstone development for the MSU Innovation Campus, the ARL has served as a catalyst for other technology-related developments on the 42-acre Innovation Campus. Learn more about the MSU Innovation Campus here.

Helping Serve Montana State University's Mission

As the state’s land-grant university, Montana State University integrates education, creation of knowledge and art, and service to communities. The Applied Research Laboratory helps create knowledge by not only fostering research partnerships at the university level, but by fostering relationships with government, industry, and entrepreneurial partners.