Montana State University, Montana’s Land-Grant University, was founded 1893 to provide all Montanans access to education and a better life. In the spirit of this mission to transform the lives and communities of Montanans, the 1893 Scholarship Program was developed to assist MSU seniors who could benefit from scholarship, academic, career development, and leadership supports.

Congratulations – you are an MSU senior gearing up to graduate in the next two semesters! 

This is an exciting and busy time for you, but also one of questioning what the future holds and how you can successfully transition from your role of undergraduate student to graduate student and/or professional in your chosen field. 

Right now, many college seniors are asking themselves:

How do I stay focused so I can graduate on time and with my target GPA?

What is my plan to pay off my student debt?

Do I still have time to do an internship or job shadowing opportunity?

How can I grow my professional network?

How do I produce a resume and interview skills that will get noticed by employers?

The 1893 Scholarship Program is designed to answer these questions and many more. Staying focused and resilient is key to successful final semesters and we want to help you spend that time gaining the skills and experiences that will allow you to cross the graduation finish line feeling strong and confident.    

Students meeting together













Tutors and success, career, and financial coaches are always available to 1893 scholars, either face-to-face or via WebEx.

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Scholars have the opportunity to attend career-development workshops created exclusively for them.


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