A degree from Montana State University will help you secure a great job after graduation, but you can also start shaping your career trajectory now with MSU’s Gold Standard program. As part of the Gold Standard program, you’ll work on campus while receiving access to professional development, leadership training and mentoring that will help you stand out when applying for internships and jobs after college.


  • Access to great campus employment designed specifically for busy students and their schedules.
  • Eligibility for on-the-job bonuses.
  • Exclusive leadership development trainings and professional development to help you elevate your careertrajectory.
  • Excellent mentoring from campus supervisors.
  • On-campus employment means no commuting and a work schedule that fits with your class schedule,letting you find a healthy school/work/life balance.
  • Learn from inspiring leaders while meeting your fellow Bobcats.


How to participate in the Gold Standard program 

  • Complete the online form at montana.edu/goldstandard.
  • A Gold Standard representative will reach out to talk about the work opportunities and answer yourquestions.
  • Apply for the opportunities that interest you most at montana.edu/comeworkwithus/ orHireABobcat.com.

After your job interviews, we’ll be in touch to explain the next steps, including the Gold Standard Leadership and Career Accelerator Training Program.