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Frequently Asked Questions

Articles and resources containing information useful to the people of the Gallatin Valley and beyond and originating from Montana State University.

Events associated with Montana State University.

Success stories about Montana State University students, faculty and staff.

Activities and partnerships highlighting collaboration between Montana State University and the local community.

The editor will select items based on their applicability to the local community and available space within the document.

Send an email to University Communications by Tuesday of the week in which you would like to see your entry. 

Events should be entered into the MSU Calendar of Events. This is the first place the editor will look to mine information. 

Suggestions for feature spots should be sent via email. The subject line should read, "Bobcat Bulletin Submission".  The email should include a link or the full text of the article, as well as applicable photos. 

Send an email to University Communications.  This newsletter will evolve to best meet the needs of the community and all constructive criticism and comments are appreciated.