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Montana State University Bobcat Bulletin

Montana State University Bobcat Bulletin

Friday, May 30, 2014

Montana State University Bobcat Bulletin

MSU, FWP collaborate on $1.2 million research project to investigate bighorn sheep
Carson Butler and Jesse DeVoe once sat still as stones while bighorn sheep grazed within 20 feet of them for an hour. Another time, DeVoe watched a golden eagle screaming from the sky as though it planned to scare a bighorn lamb off a cliff. Read more...

MSU paleontologists discover the most diverse dinosaur fossil site yet found in Idaho
A Montana State University graduate student and MSU paleontologist David Varricchio are part of a research team that discovered the most productive and diverse dinosaur fossil site known in Idaho. Read more...

MSU remains school of choice for high achieving students
Montana State University continues to attract the top academically ranked high school scholars from the state with more Montana University System Honor Scholarship recipients applying to MSU than all of the other Montana schools combined. Read more...

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