About Fusion Fight League

Get ready for an electrifying night of adrenaline-pumping action as Fusion Fight League descends upon Bozeman, MT, on April 27th at the iconic Brick Breeden Fieldhouse! Brace yourself for a clash of titans in the main event, where the fearless Will Dunkle steps into the cage to face off against the formidable Tyler Kaiser. This showdown promises to be a pulse-pounding spectacle, showcasing the epitome of skill, strength, and determination in the world of MMA.

As the anticipation builds, fight fans can expect an unforgettable evening filled with intense matchups, jaw-dropping knockouts, and ground-shaking submissions. The Brick Breeden Fieldhouse will transform into a battleground of warriors, echoing with the roars of the crowd and the thunderous sounds of fists meeting flesh. With each fighter vying for supremacy, the air will be charged with excitement, making this event a must-see for all MMA enthusiasts.

Secure your spot now for Fusion Fight League's blockbuster event in Bozeman – an experience that promises thrills, spills, and non-stop action! Don't miss out on witnessing Will Dunkle and Tyler Kaiser go head-to-head in a clash that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on every spectator. Grab your tickets and be part of the roar of the crowd as Fusion Fight League delivers an unforgettable night of heart-stopping MMA action on April 27th!

VIP Tables

For information on purchasing VIP tables, please contact the Fusion Fight League at 406-697-0542.