About Lil Jon

Known for his distinctive raspy voice, energetic stage presence, and signature catchphrases like "Yeah!" and "Okay!", Lil Jon became a pioneer of the crunk movement in the early 2000s. His unique fusion of hip-hop, Southern rap, and electronic dance music (EDM) revolutionized the urban music landscape, making him a household name.

Lil Jon's impressive discography boasts numerous chart-topping hits, including "Get Low," "Turn Down for What," "Snap Yo Fingers," and "Outta Your Mind." His collaborations with A-list artists such as Usher, Pitbull, and DJ Snake have solidified his status as an industry heavyweight.

Beyond his music career, Lil Jon has been a prominent figure in television, appearing on shows like "The Apprentice" and "The Celebrity Apprentice." His philanthropic efforts, including support for various charitable causes, showcase his commitment to giving back to the community.

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VIP Party Pit

  • One (1) Standing Ticket in the VIP Pit 
  • VIP-Exclusive Wristband
  • Sound Check Access
  • Dedicated Entrance (where available)
  • On-site VIP team
  • VIP Pit Cash Bar