The College of Engineering is located on the second floor of Roberts Hall. There are a number of research facilities, classrooms, lecture spaces, and faculty offices located here as well as two large student computer labs.

Roberts Hall is named for William Milnor Roberts, chief engineer for the Northern Pacific Railroad in the 1870s. Above the entrance to Roberts Hall are symbols for civil, agricultural and mechanical engineering, the first three academic programs in the College of Engineering.

 Roberts Hall

Handicapped access through Cobleigh Hall

Upcoming events in Roberts Hall

Jens Blotevogel, Colorado State University, Environmental Engineering faculty position, Bioelectrochemical Treatment of Persistent Environmental Contaminants.   View Details

Multi-scale investigations of biofilms in subsurface and wastewater treatment applications   View Details

CBE Seminar: Geometry dependent instabilities of waves in excitable media
Thursday, March 28, 2019, from 4:10pm to 5:00pm

Stephanie Dodson is a PhD candidate in the Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown University, where she works with Professor Bj√∂rn Sandstede. Traveling waves in excitable media have important applications in cardiac and neurodynamics, but the impact of domain geometry on...   View Details

Enette Larson-Meyer, PhD, RDN, CSSD, FACSM, Professor of Nutrition at the University of Wyoming will present a research seminar titled 'Health Implications of Vitamin D Deficiency & Insufficiency in Athletes and Ways to Prevent: One Laboratory's Journey'.   View Details

Abstract: The use of fungi to remove organic and inorganic pollutants from wastewater is a viable alternative (or addition) to traditional wastewater treatment technologies using bacteria. Fungal systems are advantageous due to their ability to withstand harsh conditions (e.g., fluctuating...   View Details