Why should I work with a personal trainer?

Working with a certified personal trainer can get you on the right track to meeting your fitness goals.  Personal trainers will listen to your goals, likes, dislikes, and health history, then develop an individualized training plan that leads you to find greater success in your fitness.  Each personal trainer lists a few of their "specialties" but they are all very versatile, experienced, and can work with most any client.

How do I get started?

  1. Choose a personal trainer by checking out their bios online.
  2. Make sure you email the trainer directly to confirm either your session or goal assesment
  3. Schedule a FREE 15-minute Goal Assessment by checking out the trainer's availability online scheduling. Use code FREEGOAL at checkout (one use per person).
  4. You will need to login and then you can select the day, time and trainer of choice.
  5. Meet with your personal trainer at the Fitness Dome.  Please communicate with your trainer in case they direct you otherwise.

How many sessions should I purchase?

The number of sessions you purchase and the frequency of visits will depend on the goals that you have created and the individualized training plan that you and your trainer come up with.  This is different for every individual.

Will my personal trainer help me with my nutrition goals?

Our certified personal trainers will incorporate language and check-in with you about your nutrition goals, however, they are not certified to give you specific recommendations on nutrition.  We do have resources on campus for students and employees for professional nutrition help.

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