Jessica Amende

Jessica Amende   Contact: [email protected] 

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates: BS in Elementary Education (K-8); BA in History, Culturally and                       Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion: 6th grade language arts and social studies teacher                                                      Sacajawea Middle School (Bozeman)

 My name is Jessica Amende, and I'm a 6th grade language arts and social studies teacher at Sacajawea Middle School in Bozeman. Although I started my teaching journey over twenty years ago, as an undergraduate just out of high school, I didn’t return to complete the program until 2013. Instead, I finished a BA in History in 1999, supported my husband through his graduate studies, and started our family. Sixteen years later, with our three kids all in school, I returned to complete my teaching degree and graduated with a BS in Elementary Education in 2016. After long-term subbing in the Bozeman School District for a year and a half, I got my first full-time teaching contract at SMS for the fall of 2018!

Participating in MontTELLs has been a privilege. I have met so many amazing teachers, learned about new teaching resources and strategies, and got a jump start on my graduate degree. Plus, I've learned a lot about American Indians in Montana and how to create a more welcoming and culturally sensitive classroom for all my students. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of such an invaluable program. I hope other teachers get the chance to enhance their awareness of Montana's ELs and learn about ways to implement linguistic and cultural best practices.


Kelsey Bakke

Kelsey Bakke   Contact: [email protected] 

   MontTELLs Cohort: 2

   Degrees/Certificates:MA - Teaching Middle School Mathematics, BS - Elementary                           Education,Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion: 7/8th grade math teacher - Box Elder, MT


Hello! My name is Kelsey Bakke and I am currently teaching 7th and 8th grade mathematics in Box Elder, Montana. I was born and raised in Havre, MT, and aside from my 5 years of schooling done at MSU-Bozeman, I have been here! I am on my 5th year of teaching and still feel like there is so much to be learned about the teaching trade. I look forward to continuing to connect and grow with all of you educators!

Participating in MonTELLs has been an eye opening experience. There are many different components of this program that I was unaware of, uncomfortable with and unsure of their impact on our local communities in Montana. Being involved in the program has provided a new lens that I now look through when I plan learning experiences for my students on the Rocky Boy Reservation.

 Ann Bernard

Ann Bernard   Contact:[email protected], [email protected] 

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates:BA English; MA EducationCulturally and Linguistically Diverse       Education Certificate

   Current Postion:8th Grade English & Social Studies teacher, Sacajawea Middle School,                 Bozeman, MT

 Participating in MontTELLs has been eye-opening and reinvigorating.

 Roni Lynn Bond

Roni Lynn Bond Photo   Contact:[email protected]

   MontTELLs Cohort: 2

   Degrees/Certificates: BA Business & Special EducationCulturally and Linguistically Diverse       Education Certificate

   Current Postion:Math Intervention Teacher at St Charles Mission School in Pryor, MT.


 I grew up in the veterinary world in Texas and then went to college an received my degree in Business and Special Education. I taught for 10 years and then returned to run my father's veterinary practice until he sold it in 2012. I moved to Montana January 2013 and returned to teaching first at Yellowstone Academy and now at St. Charles Mission School.

It has been very helpful in my teaching of students who were brought up in a home where English is really their second language, even though they don't speak Crow fluently. I enjoyed the classes along with meeting my fellow students and professors. All of us had something to contribute to the class and that helps be become a better teacher.

 Jourdan Bridwell

Jourdan Bridwell   Contact: [email protected], [email protected] 

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates:Masters in English, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education                 Certificate

   Current Postion: English II Teacher at Gallatin High School


 I am from Bozeman, born and raised and have been teaching in the Bozeman School District for six years, teaching English II (Honors, Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III classes). I also coach Cross Country and spend my free time hiking, running, and being outdoors with my dog and husband.

Participating in the MonTELLs program has empowered me to embrace individuality and diversity in a culturally responsive manner. I have learned so much.

Jessica Cochran

no photo   Contact:[email protected]

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates: Working on Masters in Educational LeadershipCulturally and                     Linguistically Diverse Education  Certificate

   Current Postion:6th Grade teacher all subjects Harlem, MT


 Mother, Teacher, Nakoda, Educator, and Ice Cream Saleswoman.

This program has helped me become more aware of the way I present lessons to students. I am careful in the words I choose and the way that I explain concepts. I work at a school that is almost 100% Native American, and I try to use the skills I have learned through MontTELLs as much as I can as there are sure to be a few ELLs in my class.


Jay Colombo

no photo   Contact:[email protected]

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates:B.S. Earth Science, M.S.U.; Teaching Credential-Cal. State Monterey             BayCulturally and Linguistically Diverse Education  Certificate

   Current Postion:6th grade, Chief Joseph, Bozeman


I grew up in Bozeman, traveled around for twenty years or so, and then settled back here with my wife and 4-month old in 2016. Both of us are teachers in the district and our family has expanded to include two sons, four and two. My mom and sister also live here and operate Colombo's Pizza. We all enjoy the outdoors, skiing, fishing, biking, gardening, camping, rodeos, etc...We are grateful to be living near our family and love being teachers in the district.

MontELLs has really opened my eyes to the experiences of teachers from other parts of the state, especially on or near reservations. It has been so great to learn from their perspectives and be able to incorporate those lessons into my teaching. Growing up here, I didn't get as much emphasis on the American Indian tribes and reservations of our state, but now I'm much better prepared to offer these opportunities to my students.

Martha Lynn DeCrane

Martha Lynn DeCrane   Contact:[email protected][email protected] 

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates:BS in Elementary Ed.,  Class 7 Certification, Culturally and                             Linguistically  Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion:Title I & Crow Culture Teacher


 My name is Martha Lynn DeCrane Aa'akiichinchilitdaapesh (killsthehorseherder) I am a fluent Crow speaker, I belong to the Big Lodge Clan. I teach Title I & Crow Culture and this is my fourth year at Arrow Creek Elementary. I have taught at Lodge Grass Elementary & St. Charles Mission School. My goal is for my students to be the best at everything they do in the classroom and in their lives outside the classroom. Quote: "If you're going to do something, you might as well be the best at it" 1 Samuel 16:7 "For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart

Dedication, hard work, and making good friends. Learned to be a better teacher and help English Language Learners become excellent students & learners.

Natacha Messerly Doney

Natacha Messerly Doney   Contact:[email protected]

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates:MS - Education, Instruction and Learning, BS in Secondary Education           and English, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion:9-12 English Language Arts Teacher - Hays, MT


Hi! My name is Natacha Messerly Doney and I currently teach high school English Language Arts in Hays, Montana. I have lived on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation for most of my life, but the Little Rocky Mountains are where I call home. This year is my fifth year teaching. I love everything about this profession! In addition to teaching, I coach cross country and speech and drama, and in my free time, I love to run, hike, lift, and spend time with my husband and dogs.

MontTELLS has been an amazing opportunity. As an English teacher, I am always looking for ways to further develop my students' literacy skills. MontTELLS has provided a variety of strategies to use, and all of them have been effective and culturally inclusive. Thanks to MontTELLS, both my students and I feel successful.

 Alicia Driesenga

 Alicia Driesenga   Contact:[email protected], 269-865-8576

   MontTELLs Cohort: 1

   Degrees/Certificates: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education  Certificate

   Current Postion: Graduate Student



I was a teacher at Lame Deer Public school for five years. I taught 7th and 8th grade English. I am now in California going to grad school.

It was a great opportunity to learn about more skills that were useful in the classroom!

 Heidi DuBray

Heidi DuBray   Contact:[email protected], [email protected] 

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates:A.A. in Education, B.S. in Education, & Behavioral Health                                 Certificate,Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education  Certificate

   Current Postion:art teacher for Napi Elementary,  Browning Public School District in                     Browning, Montana.

 Okii, My name is Heidi DuBray I'm a 29 year old indigenous educator. I'm also a mother to a beautiful daughter who is 5 1/2. I currently work and reside on the Blackfeet Reservation. I have received my degrees from the Blackfeet Community College, The University of Montana-Western, and now a certification from Montana State University-Bozeman. I strive for success and try to be better than I was yesterday. I'm currently working on a two endorsements at the moment, my special education & art endorsements, and I will be done in the spring of 2021. I will also be starting my Master's program the same semester. I love to teach, I love to learn, and I love working in my hometown, and on my reservation. My goal is to empower indigenous minds through education and let them know they are valued throughout their learning.

Participating in MontTELLS has helped better myself in numerous ways. I've used so many methods, techniques, lessons, books, and I've learned so much from my instructor's, especially Ann! She had so many fabulous engagement tools and little techniques that helped me in the classroom and I also fell in love with a book she mentioned, it turned out to be an excellent book. I enjoyed the atmosphere when we were in class as well as on the zoom sessions. However, MontTELLS for me has always been to better myself as an educator so that I can in return guide and teach my students. It helped me understand the importance of different learning styles, techniques, and to be cognizant about my students. By learning new methods my ELLs in my own classroom have improved and gained so much confidence in their learning.

Jaycey Ells

Jaycey Ells   Contact:[email protected] 

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates:BA Creative Writing, BA English Ed,Culturally and Linguistically Diverse     Education  Certificate

   Current Postion:No longer teaching


It helped me understand in depth ways of bridging inequity.

J Eagleman

No Image   Contact: [email protected]406-352-4195

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates: BA Liberal Studies University of MontanaCulturally and                               Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion:Box Elder School District 13G



I am currently the Cree Language Culture History Instructor for the Box Elder School system. My focus areas include Tribal Health and Wellness, Neyio / Ojibway Language Revitalization, Indigenizing Curriculum and Instruction, Writing my First Book and being thankful to get up and walk each day.

The MontTELLS program has enlightened me. The high level intense instruction allowed me to grow. My skill level as an instructor has been strengthened. The outstanding Educators who have produced the MonTELLs Course Work deserve high praise.


Jenny Fleek Airne

Jenny Fleek Airne   Contact: [email protected], [email protected]

   MontTELLs Cohort: 2

   Degrees/Certificates: BSED in English (Certified 5th - 12th Grade)Culturally and                           Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion: AP Literature and Composition and 12th grade contemproary Litature-             Billings Seniour High

 Hello! My name is Jenny Fleek Airne, and this is my 24th year teaching. I have always taught at the high school level. During my English teaching career, I have had the opportunity to teach Base Level, Regular Level, Honors Level, and AP Level courses. I love what I do, and when I don't, my plan is to retire and find a new path that brings me joy. I don't ever want to be "that" teacher; you know the one - should have retired 10 years ago!

MontTELLS has brought amazing people into my life that I would never had the opportunity to meet. It has allowed me to work toward earning a Master's Degree from MSU-Bozemen in Curriculum. Most importantly, MontTELLS has expanded my teacher toolbox and made me a better teacher!

Gustavo Garces

no Photo   Contact: [email protected]

   MontTELLs Cohort: 2

   Degrees/Certificates: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion: Northwest School - Seattle. Humanities Teacher 8th Grade. 11th Grade               International Students. 


I originally hail from New York City and my I hold a degree in English literature and analysis from Hunter College. I also have a BA in Studio Art - Concentration Printmaking. I earned my Master’s Degree from MSU in curriculum and development. My most important teaching came by way of the Blackfeet Reservation. I learned the value of community and family.

It has giving me the tools and headspace to access the many different cultures and young minds here at the Northwest School. The knowledge and skills learned in this program meet all my needs and expectations to be a teacher who strives for equity and a level playing field for students who desire an comprehensive education.


Michelle Gorecki

Michelle Gorecki   Contact: [email protected]

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates: Elementary Education K-8; Reading Specialist endorsement; Associates     Business Administration,Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion: Academic Specialist at Harlem Elementary Harlem, MT



I am married and a mother of three. I worked as a paraprofessional for many years before attaining my teaching degree in 2013. I have worked in several schools in Montana as well as one in Massachusetts. I currently work with students with low reading abilities and teach advanced 5th grade mathematics. I help my husband with his carpentry business (as little as possible) and I am also a caramel confectioner. I love doing what I do!

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting many fellow teachers from around the state. Sharing different cultures from differing tribal nations was enlightening. Many new friendships were formed.

 Alexandra Greene

no photo   Contact: [email protected], 406.570.1700

   MontTELLs Cohort: 2

   Degrees/Certificates: Bachelors in English Education (5-12 English); Minor in History                       Education  (5-12 History); M.Ed in Reading (K-12 Reading Specialist),Culturally and                         Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion: Bozeman School District - Gallatin High School - English and History Teacher

 Alex Greene finished her bachelors degree in English Education from MSU Bozeman in 2015. She went back to school and received a Minor in History Education from MSU Bozeman and a Masters in Reading from MSU Billings. Her passion is teaching reading.

I applied for the MontTELLs program because I wanted to have the skills to help my English Language Learners. I believe education is a key to equality and success. I wanted to ensure I was able to serve all of my students equally.

Anna Williams Hanna

Anna Williams Hanna   Contact: [email protected],[email protected]

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates: Master of Education Curriculum and Instruction MSU-B 2014, Bachelor        of Science Degree in Music from Utah State UniversityCulturally and Linguistically Diverse        Education Certificate

   Current Postion:Billings School District 2, 6th grade English, Ben Steele Middle School


My educational journey began many years ago with a degree in music from Utah State University. From there I spent time teaching in my private piano studio and accompanying various musical groups. Later I returned to school to study education and earned a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Montana State University - Billings. While earning this degree I worked as a substitute teacher in School District 2. After completing a long term assignment, I began work for School District 2 in Billings, Montana as a 6th grade English teacher at Ben Steele Middle School. In between these two educational pursuits I have been blessed to raise a large family and enjoy the beauty of Montana.

I have had a wonderful experience participating in MontTELLS! The teachers, friendship and comradery has been inspiring and educational. I have learned, grown and been stretched. One thing that stands out is the eye-opening experience of realizing the diversity of language in Montana and the need for teachers to offer instruction that benefits all students.

 Jennifer Hudson

no photo   Contact: [email protected], 406-531-9796

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates: Working on a C&I Masters, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse                   Education Certificate

   Current Postion:  High School Math at Billings Senior High School


 This is my 18th year of teaching Math. I have taught 6th grade through College Algebra and everything in between. I have been married 26 years and have two amazing kids.

MontTELLs has been eye opening helped me to really reflect on what I teach, who I teach and how I teach. I have really appreciated the comraderie as well.

Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson   Contact: [email protected], [email protected], 4068614343

   MontTELLs Cohort: 2

   Degrees/Certificates:BA in English Literature, BA in English Education (Rocky Mountain               College); MEd in Curriculum and Instruction, Research Focus: Argument Writing, Student             Affect (MSU)Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion: English Teacher, Head Coach Speech and Debate; Skyview High School                                                                  Billing MT

 I have a strong passion for reading and writing instruction. I have taught At and coached Speech and Debate at every level of school classification in Montana from the very tiny Belfry to one of the largest school districts in the state! I love what I do, and I try to include a strong focus on social justice in my practice.

I am so thankful for all of the strategies that MontTELLs have given me to increase engage and skills of all level of learners in my classroom. I also appreciate the focus given my interests.


Johanna Johnson

Johanna Johnson Photo   Contact: [email protected], 406-450-3715

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates:AA -- General Studies, BS -- English/Education, ESOL                                         CertificateCulturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion:11th & 12th Grade English, Browning High School


Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, I've lived and taught in Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow), AK, but currently make my home just north of Cut Bank, MT, with my husband and our fur-babies. I'm currently in my 8th year teaching in Browning, and my 14th teaching year overall.

Participating in MontTELLs has meant finding a group of people with the same passion for helping our students to reach beyond the frustrating and really begin to help them grasp the language in hopes of transforming their educational experience from feeling lost and sometimes hopeless, to feeling fulfilled and successful.

 Kristin Landre

Kristin Landre   Contact: [email protected]

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates:Elementary Education,  

   Current Postion: 6th Grade Teacher: Harlem, Mt



I am a 6th grade teacher at Harlem Elementary.

Participating in MonTELLUS has opened my eyes to the raising number of ELLs in our state.

Shea Mangold

Shea Mangold   Contact:[email protected]

   MontTELLs Cohort: 2

   Degrees/Certificates: Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Bachelors in English             EducationCulturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion:English Teacher at Billings Public Schools


 My name is Shea Mangold, and I'm a high school English teacher and volleyball coach at Billings Senior High School in Billings, MT. I started out in Wyoming, but moved to Montana six years ago. I just finished my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in the summer of 2020 through MSU.

Participating in MontTELLs has been an incredible opportunity. Not only did it aid in propelling me to my higher education goals, it helped me reevaluate what I want out of education. I thoroughly enjoyed my cohort and the incredible professors I met during the process while also obtaining some life long connections. In addition to the friendships I had made, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more about Montana, Montana tribes, ELL students, learning strategies, and everything in between while also reflecting on my own practices. It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

 Taylor Mathews

no photo   Contact: [email protected], 406-579-7625

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates: BA Music, BA GermanCulturally and Linguistically Diverse Education                 Certificate

   Current Postion: Math and Art teacher, CJMS in Bozeman, MT


 I love learning and hope to pass that on to my students. After earning my BA in Music and German, I tried to find the most impactful way to live my life and began teaching. I’ve taught K-8th grade, all subjects, but love math, art, and social studies especially.

This program has been hugely impactful in my teaching style. I have learned so much about the different languages and cultures in Montana and I feel prepared to help any student whose L1 is other than English to grow and succeed in my classroom. I am so thankful for the teachers and my fellow students with all they have taught me and, through me, my students.

 Wendy Plumage-Marartita

Wendy Maratita   Contact:[email protected]

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates:  Bachelor’s of Science from Chaminade University of                                         Honolulu, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion:Social Studies Teacher-Harlem Jr/Sr High School



I am a registered member of the Fort Belknap Assiniboine Tribe. Graduated from Harlem Schools in 1985 and attended Chaminade University of Honolulu and graduated in 1991. Received my Education endorsement from MSU-Northern and I have been working in Harlem Schools since 1998. I have served the Harlem Teachers Association for nine years as well serving on various Montana Boards dealing with education. I am currently the Vice-President of the Blaine County Democrats. I am married to Lee Maratita and we have three sons, who have all graduated from Harlem Schools.

Participating in the MontTELLs program has brought me greater awareness on the need for qualified ELL teachers in Montana. It has shown me how far behind the standard Montana is concerning ELL teachers, and has also made me a greater advocate for our students in Montana.

Justin Mollgaard

Justin Mollgaard   Contact: [email protected]

   MontTELLs Cohort: 2

   Degrees/Certificates: BS in Elementary Education (K-8); Earth Science Teaching                               Option,Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion: 6th Grade Science and Health Enhancement Teacher Sacajawea Middle             School (Bozeman)


My name is Justin Mollgaard, and I'm a 6th grade science and health enhancement teacher at Sacajawea Middle School in Bozeman. I was born and raised here in Bozeman. I started my teaching career teaching in Springdale, a one-room schoolhouse, and have now found my place as a middle school teacher. I am currently working toward earning a Master's Degree from MSU in Curriculum.

MonTELLs has helped me increase my Tier 1 instruction and has brought a new awareness and perspective about other students, teachers, and schools from around the state.

 Kiera Patera

Kiera patera   Contact:[email protected][email protected] 

   MontTELLs Cohort: 2

   Degrees/Certificates: BS Education Science Broadfield; Certififed Financial Social Work                   Educator/Coach, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion:Employment & Training Director; District 4 HRDC


I was born and raised in Havre, MT; which is located between 2 reservations. I taught for 6 years at Native American majority schools in the area I grew up in. I now work to educate low-income people on soft skills, financial literacy, and budgeting to help them gain employment or improve their employability through training and education so that they can become self -sufficient. I am still educating it just looks a little different.

MontTells has expanded my approach to many situations and provided me with multiple techniques to better understand and meet the needs of the varied individuals that I work with or encounter.

 David A Ricci

David A Ricci   Contact:[email protected]

   MontTELLs Cohort: 2

   Degrees/Certificates:YMHFA, Elem Ed Endorsement from UMW, BA in Modern Languages             from MSU, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion: Box Elder School District (formerely with Browning Public Schools)


 I've dedicated my teaching career to underserved students on Native reservations. As Montanans, these students deserve a quality education just as much as the rest and I'm happy to be a part of it. I have grown both personally and professionally through my service as an educator and have found fulfillment through my professional career.

Participating in the MontTELL has meant that i can grow and develop as an educator in a way that is culturally and emotionally responsive to my students needs and fulfills me professionally. It was a fantastic PD opportunity that i dont think i could have gotten any other way than through this program. Excellent and rigorous through out.

 Nicholas Rink

Nicholas Rink   Contact:[email protected]

   MontTELLs Cohort: 2

   Degrees/Certificates:Bachelors in English - Film Studies UofM, Secondary English Teaching         Cert. MSUCulturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion:Teacher, variety of subjects, BuffaloHide Academy, Browning, MT


Nicholas grew up on Siksikk̇aitsiitṫǔpṗiikssǔ"k̇oōm (Blackfeet territory) and followed a path of education to the University of Montana, Missoula where he completed a Bachelors in English - Film Studies. He followed his family from there to Bozeman where he returned to school to seek a teaching certificate to accompany his English degree. After completing school there, he returned home and was offered a job at the alternative high school in Browning where he teaches a variety of subjects including English, Blackfoot Language, P.E., Traditional Arts, etc...

MontTELLs confirmed an underlying discomfort that Nicholas had felt his whole life in the education world, that linguistic bias is real in this state and this country, and that Tribal Nations and youth growing up on reservations are everyday victims of discrimination and stereotyping rooted in the minor differences of their language communities. This program helped Nicholas become more aware of the linguistic barrier Tribal youth face in navigating the Western world, and gave him tools to tackle this issue in his classroom and within his school district.

 Aldora Stops Big Man

No Photo   Contact: [email protected]

   MontTELLs Cohort: 1

   Degrees/Certificates:B.S. in Elementary Education, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse               Education Certificate

   Current Postion:6th - 8th Social Studies & Religion Teacher at Pretty Eagle Catholic Academy     in St. Xavier, MT.

 My name is Aldora Big Man, married ,with two children, four grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Born and raised on the Crow Reservation, got my elementary education in Wyola, MT. and graduated high school in Lodge Grass, MT. My parents are deceased, but I will always remember my father encouraging me and my siblings to have some college education. Because of that, I graduated from MSU-Billings in 1998. I will be in the field of education, for forty years this coming October 30th, I started as a teacher's aide. I always share the story about myself with the students, that my goal when I was a seventh grader, was to become a secretary or receptionist. I never dreamt, that I would become a teacher, but here I am and I'm glad I've gotten that opportunity. Because when I was in grade school and high school, we never had Native American teachers, except for my freshman typing teacher. So, I remind my students of two things: one is that they can accomplish anything they want to be, and the other thing is that, take advantage of having Native American teachers. They can either help you when there is a language barrier or they are more easier to respond to or ask questions when things get confusing.

It showed me a lot of insights and techniques that we could do to help English Language Learners.


Frances M Takes Enemy

No Photo   Contact:[email protected], [email protected] 


   MontTELLs Cohort: 1

   Degrees/Certificates: Bachelor of Science Liberal Arts, Class 7 Certificate, Culturally and               Linguistically Education CertificateCulturally and Linguistically Diverse Education                       Certificate

   Current Postion:Pre-School dual/immersion Teacher at Pretty Eagle Catholic Academy                                                                     School St. Xavier, Montana

My name is Frances Takes Enemy, and I'm a Pre-School dual/immersion Teacher which I started in January of 2020, previous to this I was teaching K-8th grade Crow Studies for 15 years. I also coach Cross Country and track, so in my spare time I enjoy walking and running. My husband Robert and I have 3 sons,middle son is deceased. We have 11 grandchildren and raising 3 as our own. In August we became great grandparents, so life is very interesting.

Participating in MontTells has been a great learning experience for me, it help me to learn different teaching strategies in which I utilize in my classroom.


John Wellcome

No Photo   Contact: [email protected], 406-620-7170

   MontTELLs Cohort: 3

   Degrees/Certificates: BA English literature; teaching endorsements in English, library k12,           reading k12; M.Ed in curriculum & instruction w/elementary teacher licensureCulturally           and Linguistically Diverse Education Certificate

   Current Postion: high-school English at Lodge Grass School District #27-2

Raised in Bozeman, I attended Montana State University as an undergraduate and Montana State University Billings as a graduate student. My first teaching job was as a librarian at Arrowhead school, a (now) tiny k-8 school in the Paradise Valley 25 miles south of Livingston Montana. After that I worked for the Shields Valley School District north of Livingston before moving to Valdez Alaska and then Lodge Grass, where I am serving in my current capacity as high-school English teacher.

MontTELLs has meant a lot to me in developing me as a professional, particularly in helping me help the students I teach become successful in reading and writing in English. I work with a student population that is 99% Native American and they really struggle with reading and writing in English. Mont TELLs has given me an understanding of why that is, and the tools I need to help them circumvent the challenges they face.