Mariana Carerra

I am an Associate Professor of Economics at Montana State University who specializes in health economics and behavioral economics. I am also a Research Associate at the NBER and currently serve as an Associate Editor at JEBO.

I use applied microeconomics tools and field experiments to tackle policy-relevant questions. In recent work, I've studied how healthcare providers choose treatments for patients when they face information and agency problems, how consumers respond to new information about their own health and learn from the choices of others, and how incentives should be designed to maximize health behavior change.

My research has been published in the Review of Economic Studies, Management Science, AEJ-Applied, AEJ-Policy, and the Journal of Health Economics, among others.

Before arriving at MSU in 2018, I was an Assistant Professor at Case Western Reserve University and completed my PhD in Economics at U.C. Berkeley. Prior to graduate school, I was a University Scholar at Duke University and participated in the American Economic Association's Summer Training Program.  

Research Interests:

  • Health Economics
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Applied Economics

Contact Information:

  • Office:  210A Linfield Hall
    Tel:  (406) 994-5616
    Fax:  (406) 994-4838
    Email Me