The CatCard is your identification for Montana State University - Bozeman. The cardholder must carry his/her CatCard at all times while on campus. The CatCard is only to be used by the person for whom it is issued. Only the cardholder can present the card for privileges. CatCards will be confiscated if presented by someone other than the cardholder. The cardholder is responsible for the care of the CatCard. Any damage to the magnetic stripe or any other part of the card that would cause the card to become unreadable or unrecognizable is the responsibility of the cardholder and will require replacement at the cardholder's expense. The CatCard Office is the primary authority in determining if the replacement fee for a CatCard can be waived.

This agreement is administered by the CatCard Office at Montana State University. This agreement shall be for the length of time the individual is in possession of the CatCard. This agreement is executed between the cardholder and MSU. Use of the CatCard is non-transferable for all services and access at MSU. The use of this card by anyone other than the cardholder is a violation of university regulations and may result in the confiscation of the card and loss of privileges. The cardholder's CatCard remains the property of MSU and must be presented or relinquished upon demand by university personnel. The cardholder's university identification card is the instrument the cardholder uses to access services provided by the university. Should the cardholder's CatCard become lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the cardholder to report this fact to the CatCard Office immediately. The cardholder is responsible for all activity until the card is reported lost or stolen. The cardholder bears the responsibility for all materials borrowed from Renne Library or any other university department through the CatCard. Willful misrepresentation to obtain a CatCard or alteration of a CatCard may result in disciplinary action, i.e. formal charges of fraud, attempt to defraud, or obtaining university property under false pretenses. Charges may be brought under Montana State University Student Code of Conduct and/or through outside legal authorities.

In this agreement, the use of any form of the word "you", "your" or "their" refers to the actual cardholder to whom the CatCard was issued and who will be contractually liable. The use of "MSU" and "university" refers to Montana State University.

Photo requirements and storage

Montana State University CatCard requires a photo on every CatCard that is issued. These photos are controlled property of the CatCard Office. These photos are stored in a digital database and are used within Montana State University to facilitate business and/or educational operations.

Submitting a CatCard Photo

CatCard photos can be taken at the CatCard office when picking up or purchasing a CatCard or they may be uploaded using the CatCard GET Mobile app.

  • Photos must be a close up, head-shot (collarbone up), in color, centered and in focus.
  • Must be a front view of JUST the cardholder. NO profiles or other people.
  • No funny or silly faces.
  • Normal clothing - no costumes, hats, or sunglasses.
  • Scarves/hats/headpieces may be allowed only if worn daily for medical or religious purposes and must not obscure or cast shadows on any part of the face.
  • Taken against a smooth plain background.
  • Best size is 225x150 (1MB).
  • Must be a current photo - CatCard has the right to reject any photo and have patron pay for a new card if the photo is not current.
  • CatCard reserves the right to NOT accept any photo.  You will be notified by e-mail if your photo is rejected.
  • Must bring a valid photo ID to pick up your CatCard

PLEASE NOTE:  Most high school senior portraits do not satisfy these criteria and are not acceptable as your CatCard photo.

Champ     Photo must be a head-shot (from collarbone to top of head) just like Champ!