Mission Statement and Goals

The CORE 2.0 curriculum at Montana State University is designed to enhance students’ intellectual experience in all realms of academia, with the express goal of providing students with a broad exposure to and knowledge of multiple and varied methods of scholarship. The Core curriculum consists of required classes that focus on clear verbal and written expression(s) of critical analysis and evaluation of academic fields of study at the heart of human intellectual and artistic inquiry and achievement. Completion of the Core curriculum requirements will introduce students to the theories, methods, and foundations of these academic fields, enable them to critically evaluate information in these subjects, and teach them to present their knowledge clearly in both verbal and written form.

The goal of Core is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their creative and intellectual potential. The objectives of Core 2.0 include:

  1. Think, speak, and write effectively, and evaluate the oral and written expression of others.
  2. Develop learning objectives and the means to reach them, thus developing lifelong patterns of behavior which increase the potential to adapt to and create change.
  3. Exercise and expand intellectual curiosity.
  4. Think across areas of specialization and integrate ideas from a variety of academic disciplines and applied fields.
  5. Use complex knowledge in making decisions and judgments.
  6. Make discriminating moral and ethical choices with an awareness of the immediate and long-term effects on our world.
  7. Develop a critical appreciation of the ways in which we gain and apply knowledge and understanding of the universe, of society, and of ourselves.
  8. Understand the experimental methods of the sciences as well as the creative approaches of the arts.
  9. Develop an appreciation of other cultures as well as an understanding of global issues. 
Core 2.0 Assessment

The Core 2.0 learning outcomes for each Core area are included in the assessment plans and reports below. The Core 2.0 Curriculum Committee oversees the assessment of existing Core courses and learning outcomes.