montana state university office of the dean of students

SUB Room 174 • Bozeman, MT 59717 • 406-994-2826

A member of the DOS staff is on call 5 days a week to assist students during business hours.

5 full time staff • 1 part time staff • support staff • graduate assistant





The Dean of Students Office's Mission:

Offer dependable services for our campus while empowering students to advocate for themselves in the context of advancing appropriate academic and community expectations. Our programs may offer support during times of conflict, facilitate healing during times of crisis, and provide educational opportunities during times of development.

I invite you to stop into our office in SUB 174, say hello, and get to know the support we can offer you.

– Matt Caires, Dean of Students

  Matt Caires, Dean of Students




What does the Dean of Students Office do?