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Who We Are

Our purpose is to provide access to all college programs, services, activities and facilities for students with disabilities. This includes encouraging self-advocacy for students and connecting them with resources and support services across campus to help them achieve their personal best.

ada 3th anniversary                                                                                                                                                  On July 26, our nation will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), which provides protections against discrimination of people with disabilities in several areas including employment, education, health care, recreation, transportation, and housing.   The ADA was enacted and signed into law to ensure that people with disabilities have the same rights and access to opportunities as people without disabilities. ( Photo Credit ADA National Network)


Our office is open and we are conducting appointments via WebEx, phone and in-person by appointment only.

If you are an MSU student registered with our office, please contact your Accessibility Specialist with any questions or concerns. Or call our main number at 406-994-2824 to schedule an appointment. 

Michelle Mulhill, michelle.mulhill@montana.edu

Nancy Albertson, nancy.albertson@montana.edu 

If you are a Prospective Student or a Student seeking academic accommodations please take the following steps:

Step 1. Submit a completed Student Intake Form

Step 2. Read Documentation Guidelines for your specific disability

Step 3. Provide documentation. The accommodations process is an interactive one that requires documentation of the disabling condition and functional limitations that result. Under the 2008 ADA Amendment Act, key questions that should be addressed in documentation include:

  • Is there clear evidence of a disability?
  • What is the impact of the disability?
  • Does it substantially limit a major life activity?
  • Is there history of receiving services?

Step 4. Submit all documentation and forms electronically to the Office of Disability Services at drv@montana.edu

If you are having accessibility issues with any of the forms or need help filling it out please contact us at 406-994-2824




Accessibility Alerts

Romney Oval Sidewalk Work & Temporary Closure - October 19th through the 26th
  • North Plaza Sidewalk Re-work (Reid/Renne Area)
    • No sidewalk closure – pedestrian access as normal (limited fence adjustment)
    • Contractor will be working along sides of new plaza
  • East Sidewalk Re-Work (Gaines/Reid Area)
    • Limited sidewalk closure (Map) – pedestrian access maintained around Gaines Hall and oval
    • Contractor will be replacing sidewalk panels along oval pathway

Romney Oval Closure

The Romney Oval area, north of Romney Hall, has been closed for the installation of the new sustainability geothermal system. This closure is scheduled to be effective until December 3, 2021


Temporary ADA Parking Spots Have Been Identified and Permanent ADA Parking Spots Have Been Created

  • 4 ADA Parking Spaces have been added to lot #14 (Wolf), next to the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center
  • 5 Temporary ADA Parking Spaces in lot #27 (Bison), next to Yellowstone Hall will be available starting September 19
  • Permanent ADA Parking Spaces have been added to the lot next to the North Gym and are now open
Romney Hall Renovation Project - August 5, 2019 until further notice
  • Grant Street will be closed between the Visual Communications Building service drive and the west end of the SUB loop
  • The sidewalk on the north side of Grant Street past Romney will be closed
  • A temporary sidewalk will be constructed leading around the north side of the building
  • The VCB service drive entrance, the entrance to the North Fieldhouse parking lot and the SUB loop will remain accessible from Grant St.


 Other Facilities, Services and Programs

For any other facilities, services and programs or to raise concerns about accessibility or access, contact Disability Services to be connected with the appropriate Accessibility Contact Person.

The Accessibility Contact Person is responsible for addressing accessibility issues, maintaining accessibility information, including the existence and location of accessible features and routes; providing information to the university community about accessibility requirements and responding to individual and group accessibility requests.

406-994-2824 or drv@montana.edu

Disability Services Staff

Mike McNeil, Director, michael.mcneil3@montana.edu 

Michelle Mulhill, Accessibility Specialist, michelle.mulhill@montana.edu

Nancy Albertson, Accessibility Specialist,  nancy.albertson@montana.edu 


For General Inquiries please email: