Who We Are

Our purpose is to provide access to all college programs, services, and activities for students with disabilities. This includes encouraging self-advocacy for students and connecting them with resources and support services across campus to help them achieve their personal best.

Our office is located right inside the front door off of Grant Street on the left-hand side. Romney Hall is now fully accessible so if you are coming from the middle of campus you may come in the North entrance as well. Our contact information will remain the same. 

Accessibility Alerts

Building Closures
  • No current alerts
Emergency Water Outages
  • Water in Traphagen and Reid Hall will be out from July 18th until further notice.
  • Water in Yellowstone Hall (2100 East wing bathroom) will be out from Monday, July 31st until further notice.
  • Water and Sewage will be out in the Blackbox Theater from 1:00pm on Monday, August 14th until further notice.
  • Water in the Swingle Building will be out on Friday, September 8th until further notice.
  • Hot Water and Heat Out in Herrick Hall and Danforth Chapel on September 22nd, 2023 at 9:30am to September 25th at 4:10pm
  • Service Drive and Parking lot behind the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse will be closed Wednesday, September 6th from 6:00am until 11:59pm
  • Power will be out at the Museum of the Rockies on Thursday, September 14th from 7:30am to 8:30am
Sidewalk Closures
  • No current alerts
Elevator Outages
  • The Barnard Hall freight elevator is out until further notice. (posted 6/14/2023)
  • The elevator in Reid Hall is out until further notice. (posted 4/6/2023)
  • The elevator in the Plant Biosciences Building is out until further notice. (posted 3/6/2023)
  • The freight elevator in Gallatin Hall is out from July 3rd until further notice.
Road Closures
  • Student Wellness Center - November 2021 until further notice
    • Grant Street will be closed on the south side in front of the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center
    • The VCB service drive entrance, the entrance to the North Fieldhouse parking lot and the SUB loop will remain accessible from Grant St.

Due to numerous construction projects on the MSU campus, accessibility routes and entrances may temporarily be restricted, please watch for signs indicating alternative pathways. If you encounter any issues please contact Disability Services at 994-2824 and you will be connected to the appropriate person. Thank you for your patience during construction season.

Montana State University is committed to affording students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities the opportunity to participate in the university's academic and non-academic activities by providing access and reasonable accommodations that may be necessary to assure access.

 Other Facilities, Services and Programs

For any facility and building barriers, please contact the Work Control Center at (406)994-2107 or fill out a work request form by clicking this link: Work Control Center - Facilities Services | Montana State University

For any other academic access barriers, please reach out to an Accessibility Contact Person. The Accessibility Contact Person is responsible for addressing accessibility issues, maintaining accessibility information, including the existence and location of accessible features and routes; providing information to the university community about accessibility requirements and responding to individual and group accessibility requests.

406-994-2824 or [email protected]