Previous Instigators | Spring 2015

  • Rick Griffith |  Principal of Matter, Denver, CO; Denver County Commissioner for Public Art and Culture 
  • Shu Li, Marc Maleh, and Mike “Pickles” Puccuirro |  R/GA (Digital Agency of the Decade, according to Advertising Age) 
  • Josh Allen | Founder and CEO of WO Design, a company that creates pet products with a purpose 
  • Richard Siberell and Mark Terwilliger | Outdoor Gear designers who have worked for Patagonia, K2, Arc’Teryx, Simms, Mystery Ranch, Sitka, and Red Ants Pants  
  • Dan Hefner | Executive Producer of the movie Saw   
  • Will Price | Operating Executive/Investor on “How to pitch your idea to investors”
  • Simon Smith | Director of several films for Dreamworks, including the recent Penguins of Madagascar


Rick GriffithSimon Smith

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