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 a young woman skiing down a mountain on skis

Lynsey Dyer

Lynsey Dyer is a professional skier and youth empowerment leader who is also an MSU alumna.

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Native american in full powwow dance costume


Supaman (Christian Takes Gun Parrish) is an innovative Hip Hop artist, Native American dancer, and member of the Apsaalooke Nation who lives on the Crow Reservation of Montana.

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Young man in tee shirt

Cliff Weitzman

As a dyslexic college student Cliff Weitzman built Speechify, a mobile and desktop app that lets users listen to documents and books instead of reading.

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Linda Siegel

Linda Siegel is a renowned scholar and Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia.
 woman skiing

Marley Robb

Marley Robb is a graduate of Montana State University with a BA in Environmental Design and a Masters in Architecture.

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