Brightspace Learning Environment is commonly known as Brightspace, Brightspace LE, or D2L.

Brightspace Learning Environment is a complete web-based suite of teaching and learning tools for course development, delivery, and management.

Brightspace is accessed through a password, maintaining a secure environment for course content and instructor/learner information.

General Resources

Use NetID to log in to Self-Service Password Reset Portal and Brightspace.*

For Learners

Brightspace gives learner access to online resources provided by instructors. Dependent on instructor utilization of the Brightspace, resources may include:

  • Content (syllabus, handouts, lecture notes)
  • Quizzes, Assignments, Grades
  • Announcements, Discussions, Email

For Instructors

Brightspace offers instructors a wide range of options to build online technologies into a course. These include:

  • Posting course materials, i.e. syllabus, handouts, lecture notes, assignments, etc.
  • Integrating a wide range of text, web and multimedia resources into the course
  • Facilitating active learning through group discussions and web based activities
  • Communicating with and providing feedback to learners through email, discussions, chat and self tests
  • Posting grades in a secure environment that allows only the individual to see their own grades

*For security purposes, it is recommended that users do not share their login credentials with others for any reason.

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