Academic Research Seminars

The Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics hosts an academic research seminar series throughout the academic year that features presentations of scholarly research on myriad economics-related topics by researchers from other universities and institutions.

Volunteers and recommendations for future seminars may be submitted to Diane Charlton at [email protected] or Mariana Carrera at [email protected].


January 23, 2024

3:15 pm - 4:30 pm

Dr. Rich Patterson

Brigham Young University

DAEE Seminar Series:Dr. Rich Patterson fromBrigham Young University

Title: "Intergenerational Transmission of Occupation: Lessons from the United States Army"

406 Linfield Hall

DAEE sponsored


February 1, 2024

3:15 pm -
4:30 pm

Dr. David Neumark

University of California, Irvine

406 Linfield Hall

IRAEA sponsored


April 5, 2024

3:15 pm -
4:30 pm

Dr. Maria Zhu

Syracuse University

406 Linfield

DAEE sponsored


April 19, 2024

3:30 pm -
4:30 pm

Dr. Osea Giuntella

University of Pittsburgh

406 Linfield Hall

DAEE sponsored


April 26, 2024

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Kelsey Larson

MIT P.h.D Candidate

DAEE Seminar Series: Kelsey Larson from MIT

Title: "Quality Selection in Private Conservation: Evidence from Conservation Easement Tax Incentives"

406 Linfield Hall



May 3, 2024

3:15 pm - 4:30 pm

Dr. Ariel Ortiz-Bobea

Cornell University

406 Linfield Hall

DAEE sponsored

Past Seminars

Spring 2023

Dr. Patrick Baylis, University of British Columbia, presents "Mandated vs. Voluntary Adaptation to Natural Disasters: The Case of U.S. Wildfires"

Dr. Dean Lueck, Indiana University, presents "The Institutional Legacy of the Mexican Rancho System in California"

Dr. Michael Frakes, Duke University, presents "Racial Concordance & the Quality of Medical Care: Evidence from the Military"

Dr. Michael Farmer, Texas Tech, presents "Racial Bias in Property Taxation in Atlanta"

Dr. Andrew Barr, Texas A&M, presents "Which Workers Left the Labor Force Post-COVID Recession and Why"

Dr. Faraz Dadgostari, MSU Industrial Engineering, presents "Agent-based models to simulate COVID spread and study individuals' choice of protective behaviors."

Dr. Bruce Wydick, University of San Francisco, presents "Mortality from Nestlé's Marketing of Infant Formula in Low and Middle-Income Countries"

Dr. Olga Stoddard, Brigham Young University, presents "The Economics of the Gender Pay Gap"

Dr. Olga Stoddard, Brigham Young University, presents "Who you Gonna Call?: Gender Inequality in Demand for Parental Involvement"

Dr. Alberto Ortego, Indiana University, presents "The Impact of Affirmative Action Litigation on Police Killings of Civilians"

Fall 2022

Dr. Marshall Burke, Stanford, presents "The Risk and Burden of Wildfire in the U.S."

Dr. Justin Sydnor, UW-Madison, presents "The Impact of Consequence Information on Insurance Choice"

Dr. Jonathan Colmer, UVA, presents "Air Pollution and Economic Opportunity in the United States"

Dr. Rebecca Dizon-Ross, Chicago Booth, presents "The Effectiveness of Personalized Policy"

Zachary Sturman, Vanderbilt, presents "The Effects of Cannabis Access Laws on Sleep" 

Spring 2021

Dr. Eric Edwards, NC State, presents "The Long-Term Outcomes of Restoring Indigenous Property Rights to Water"

Dr. Genti Kostandini, University of Georgia, presents "The impact of deportation policies on the mental health and risk behaviors of Hispanic adolescents"

Dr. Sebastian Trillo, UVA, presents "Health Insurance for Whom? The ‘Spill-up’ Effects of Children’s Health Insurance on Mothers"