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On-Site Auditor/Field Representative for Samson, LLC

Mission Statement & PurposeSamson, LLC creates agricultural systems that provide exceptional value to producers.

Samson, LLC serves ranches, feedlots, and auction markets by providing auditing services to make niche markets accessible to cattle producers. We are based out of Columbus, Nebraska, but have a rapidly growing customer base in Montana. We are currently hiring a remote, part-time auditor in Montana. This position would require approximately 10% to 15% travel and the ability to work from home part-time. There is opportunity to grow into full-time employment.


  • Ability to preform an audit at a ranch or feedlot in adherence to company and federal requirements.
  • Troubleshoot issues and program noncompliance to ensure superior customer service.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Communicate effectively with coworkers, existing customers, and prospective clients. Knowledge and communication skills specifically regarding cattle production are critical.
  • Understanding of cow-calf, backgrounding, and feedlot systems.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Capacity to create your own schedule while maintaining communication and
  • holding yourself accountable.

Interested parties can email Rachel McNutt a resume at [email protected], or they can call her at 402-942-3407.

Rangeland Management Specialist


  • Serves as a rangeland resource consultant and advisor to the Field and/or District management team, land users, and interested publics.
  • Plans, manages, produces, and implements allotment evaluations as the principle author/editor of allotment evaluations, technical recommendations, and multiple-use decisions.
  • Reviews range permit applications to ensure compliance with appropriate Federal law and to ensure that impacts to the range and grassland ecosystem are properly mitigated.
  • Develops, maintains, and revises planning documents for the range program in accordance with established Bureau planning schedules, coordinating with other district and field office resource specialists as needed/required.
  • Plans and designs range improvements and vegetation treatments that meet program goals and multiple-use constraints and objects, implementing said plans to meet land use plan objectives for complex ecosystems.
  • Performs a wide range of professional and administrative duties associated with BLM's rangeland management program, to include use authorizations, detecting and resolving unauthorized use, and range improvement planning.


A: Degree in range management, or a related discipline that included at least 42 semester hours in a combination of the plant, animal, and soil sciences, and natural resources management, as follows:

  • Range Management: At least 18 semester hours of course work in range management, including courses in such areas as basic principles of range management, range plants, range ecology, range inventories and studies, range improvements, and ranch or rangeland planning.
  • Directly Related Plant, Animal, and Soil Sciences: At least 15 semester hours of directly related courses in the plant, animal, and soil sciences, including at least one course in each of these three scientific areas, i.e., plant, animal, and soil sciences. Courses in such areas as plant taxonomy, plant physiology, plant ecology, animal nutrition, livestock production, and soil morphology or soil classification are acceptable.
  • Related Resource Management Studies: At least 9 semester hours of course work in related resource management subjects, including courses in such areas as wildlife management, watershed management, natural resource or agricultural economics, forestry, agronomy, forages, and outdoor recreation management.

Or B: A combination of education and experience which included at least 42 semester hours of course work in the combination of plant, animal, and soil sciences and natural resources management shown in A above, plus appropriate experience or additional education.

Specialized Experience for the GS-07 Range Management Specialist: you must possess one (1) full year of specialized experience at or equivalent to the GS-05 level that is equivalent in difficulty and complexity as indicated by the following examples: assisting in the design of technical rangeland surveys; performing work on rangeland constructions projects; identifying and documenting public land mitigation measures; providing basic input to environmental assessments and protective stipulations for rangeland ecosystems; OR one year of graduate education in range management or a directly related field; OR Superior Academic Achievementgained in a curriculum that is qualifying for the position to be filled; OR an equivalent combination of the type and level of experience and education described above.


The Montana Conservation Corps has a mission of "Inspiring young people through hands-on conservation service to be leaders, stewards of the land, and engaged citizens who improve their communities." We do this through adventure with purpose, with members in a variety of positions that can fit individual, conservation, and community needs. Our corps members say MCC is a great place for personal growth, to learn practical job skills, build confidence, strengthen communication and leadership competencies, and to develop the ability to work well with people from all walks of life.

  • Living Stipend: $1,040 bi-weekly before taxes
  • AmeriCorps Education Award: $6,895 upon successful completion of the program
  • Health Insurance: Provided at no cost
  • Location: Varies based on host site placement
  • Impact of the Program


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